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Why you should go for an Indigo Wedding

Indigo wedding details have been popping up everywhere lately. These soothing blues are one of our favourite trends here at When Freddie met Lilly.

Even if you have decided on your wedding colours, years and years before your wedding, they tend to be a subconscious reflection of your personality traits, even today. Indigo, a combination of deep blue and violet, is an expression of a sense of fairness and justice in your personality, alongside deep sincerity. Integrity and honesty will be very important to you in your married life, and devotion to your family is a beautiful part of your personality.

You are an intuitive spiritual being. Since you also love order and structure, you could very well use this trait in the organisation of your wedding. Just be careful with the planning of your wedding. Because minor upsets and stress could bring out the “drama queen” in an indigo personality!

The colour indigo will, like any other colour, contribute to a certain theme, for example a beach wedding, or a vintage theme. As a person who loves indigo, you love traditions and rituals, and more likely a conventional wedding. And Indigo as your wedding colour will create a dignified mood with a degree of tradition being an important part of the wedding ceremony.

You can bring the colour into your indigo wedding invitations, your décor, table decorations and cake, your wedding gown and groom’s attire, and your bridesmaid dresses.

Eye-Catchy Indigo Wedding Décor Ideas

Indigo blends perfectly with white, gold, copper, burgundy and other shades, creating beautiful rich décor and tablescape combinations for your indigo wedding.

You could choose all the textiles for your table in indigo: a table runner, napkins, and tablecloths. Add coloured indigo glasses and printed plates and platters to match the look. While copper or gold cutlery will make the tablescape elegant and chic.

If youd decide on an outside setting, how about an indigo dyed tablecloth, with an indigo fabric decoration hanging overhead, indigo-coloured wooden chairs, and indigo plates and platters. While for a rustic or natural table setting, place blue seating cards and blue candles with your indigo plates, napkins and platters.

When you are more into a coastal affair, also try the denim-inspired indigo table runner, with indigo menus and glasses, floral plates and dyed lace napkins. How about a printed/dyed indigo table runner with small candles in silver holders decorated casually all over it, with indigo napkins and huge indigo pillows here and there on the seats!

A tablescape of indigo blue with white and touches of gold in the cutlery or on the rim of the glasses, looks elegant. Whereas a velvet textured indigo table runner draped casually over the table’s width (not length), next to long copper candle holders and an antique silver ornament or two, looks striking and classy.

Daring Indigo Bride

An indigo dyed wedding dress for the daring bride, or just the usual one? Well, Indigo, is definitely a bold statement. Or how about a Disney inspired dress, like a Frozen one with just a hint of ice blue! For a vintage or boho indigo wedding, look no further than to our dresses here at When Freddie met Lilly, which are especially designed in these styles.

Show off some trendy accessories, like a dyed rope necklace.  This will look great with a sweetheart neckline and you can wear it again and again.

Go big or go home with indigo hair that’s so trendy at the moment. The icy colour is a flattering choice for people who love pastel hair.

Indigo for the Groom and Bridesmaids

Indigo is also a cool, fresh colour for grooms’ and groomsmen’s suits as well. It’s an elegant and modern take on traditional black tuxedos.

Why not dress up your girls in our amazing indigo bridesmaid’s dresses with beautiful chiffon, silk and sequin materials, from our Aphrodite Collection. Their chosen dresses will look classic paired with green and white bouquets.

If this is your favourite colour, you can easily incorporate indigo, or a tint or shade of indigo, into your wedding plans.

The more of the colour indigo you use of course, the greater the impact is going to be!

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