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When Freddie met Lilly Formal Girl: Rachel

When Freddie met Lilly Formal Girl RachelSo please tell us – with months of planning, did the FORMAL run smoothly !?
I had a great time at my formal! My dress was absolutely divine and everything i could have ever wanted. Unfortunately, leading up to the date we had a minor problem with a stain in the dress, however Vanessa was such a huge help and had it all fixed on super short notice. She’s a champ!

What dress did you choose for your big night? What sort of hair/makeup and accessories didyou have to take your look to the next level?
My dress was the blue velvet Anastasia dress. I wore my hair in a curled ponytail to complement the open back of the dress and went for a natural makeup look with a darker eye. I wore silver jewellery to match my silver belt.

When Freddie met Lilly Formal Girl Rachel2Did you have an idea of which style you wanted before beginning the search for your FORMAL Gown? And did this change much after you saw the girls at WFML?
Before I came to WFML I was looking for a dress with a low neckline, however after coming to WFML I completely changed my mind! The girls were so helpful and convinced me to try on some dresses that i wouldn’t have originally considered and in the end I found the perfect dress (with a high neckline!)

Did you have a formal partner? Was his suit and tie complementary to your dress?
Yes I did, my partner wore a black suit and black bow tie which made for a classic look when paired with my blue dress.

How many dresses did you try on before you knew it was the one? 5? 10? 15+?
Not many, I would say around 7. I was easily sold!

When Freddie met Lilly Formal Girl Rachel3

How did your gown make you feel at the FORMAL? Like the most beautiful girl in the room, I’m sure!
I honestly felt like a princess at my formal, I couldn’t have felt better!

Were the girls from When Freddie met Lilly helpful in what can be quite a busy and time consuming process when find The Dress?
The girls from WFML were such a big help! I had previously had such a hard time with shop assistants in the city just not caring. The girls at WMFL made the process so easy, relaxed and enjoyable!

Any tips for our future FORMAL girls choosing a gown that makes the day complete?
I would just say to try and relax and listen to the girls at WFML as they have some great advice. Enjoy!

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