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When Freddie met Lilly Formal Girl: Janelle

when freddie met lilly formal girl janelle (1)In this edition of When Freddie met Lilly girls, we chat to our beautiful formal client, Janelle. Here is what she had to say:

Who knew that planning for formal was such a stressful task? I certainly didn’t! Don’t even get me started on how even more stressful the day of formal is, but nevertheless, I definitely had one of the best nights of my life! It was such an amazing experience that I will forever cherish with me and my closest friends!

I have chosen to wear the Sabella Stretch Gown in RedI think red is just one of those colours that will match pretty much every person while still keeping it simple and elegant. For my hair, I just had my hair down in curly waves with a soft smokey eye look. For my accessories, I kept it plain with silver jewellery to match my belt and a white clutch. Again, I love having the idea of keeping everything simple but elegant; I think it just makes the whole look sophisticated and classy.

For a very long time, I have already wanted to wear a red dress to formal.  But before my appointment with the lovely ladies at WFML, I quickly changed my mind to wear a different colour like dark purple or navy blue as I absolutely loved some of the dresses that I saw from the website in these colours, plus, I was finding out that girls in my grade were getting red dresses. However, when I later came for my appointment, I realised after trying on the dresses in the other colours (purple and navy blue) that they did not suit me as well as Red does! So in the end, I still ended up getting a red dress, and I absolutely loved it!

when freddie met lilly formal girl janelle (1)I think I may have tried on 5-8 dresses on the day of my appointment, but the dress that I have chosen I believe ended up being the first dress that I tried on actually! I guess I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!

Vanessa, Monica and Holly were absolutely the best in accommodating me in finding the perfect dress that I wanted. It made finding my formal dress such an easy task! If it was not for their great service, I probably would not have felt as beautiful in my dress as I did for formal.

To all the future year 12’s or year 11’s (for next year) that will be choosing their gown for formal, my best tip is to choose a dress that YOU feel confident and comfortable in. It doesn’t matter if it’s pink, red, blue, black, white, lace, silk or what other people will think of it.  As long as you feel happy, comfortable, and most especially confident in it, then that’s all that matters! Remember, whatever dress you choose, YOU will look beautiful no matter what, so enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, and I know that you will have one of the best nights of your life.

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