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When Freddie met Lilly Brides: Monique

When Freddie met Lilly brides Monique (5)Beautiful When Freddie met Lilly Bride, Monique Comino, was wed to her hubby, Duncan in the Susannah Gown. All of the boys in the bridal party were dressed to the nine’s in When Freddie met Lilly suits as the couple said their vows. Monique talks about her experience with the girls at When Freddie met Lilly.

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly !?
Our wedding was perfect. Everything ran smoothly and honestly, I had no stress leading up to the wedding and especially not on the day. I enjoyed the whole process and actually miss planning a wedding now that it’s over! We booked our venue 12 months before we got married so that was the perfect planning time for me.

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Was your wedding themed? Did you and your hubby go for a traditional feel or more contemporary style?
Our wedding was not themed. If anything, the theme was “Simple but Elegant”. I’ve always loved bright coloured flowers, so this is what I got. The venue was so beautiful that it didn’t need anymore “bells and whistles”. We went for a more contemporary style wedding. It was “cocktail style” with a beautiful buffet dinner. Guests didn’t have set seats. They were able to mingle amongst each other and sit where they liked.

How did The Dress fit into your theme? Did you have an idea of which style you wanted before beginning the search for your Bridal Gown? And did this change much after you saw the girls at WFML?
I thought finding my perfect dress was going to be hard! I didn’t really want lace, I didn’t want “volume”, I didn’t even want a veil! I wanted something quite simple, but elegant. My mum and I went to a Bridal Expo and most of the dresses I looked at were too over-the-top for me. The best thing about the whole expo was meeting Vanessa from WFML. I thought her style was a little different to everyone else and Vanessa’s bubbly personality was the reason I booked an appointment with her the following week.

After meeting Vanessa and trying on a number of dresses, my search for  the perfect bridal gown became clear. I wanted strapless and I wanted silk chiffon. I absolutely LOVED the bodice of one dress and the bottom of another dress and Vanessa said she could put the two together for my own dress.

Following my first appointment with Vanessa, I looked around a bit more, but found nothing like what Vanessa could do for me. I went back to Vanessa, tried on the two different dresses again and made my decision.

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Did your man choose his Suit? Or with some guidance did you help him? Did his suit compliment your gown? (or was it the other way around hehe).
After such a wonderful experience with Vanessa, there was no question where we were getting the suits from! It was just easy organising the suits through Vanessa as she knew exactly what my dress was and how to compliment it with the perfect suit.

How many dresses did you try on before you knew it was the one? 5? 10? 15+?
I tried on between 5 and 10 dresses, but only loved the one (well, the two dresses that Vanessa was going to combine for me).

How did your gown make you feel on your very Special Day?
This is an easy one. Beautiful

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Were the girls from When Freddie met Lilly helpful in what can be quite a busy and time consuming process when find The Dress?
As you can probably read through the lines, my experience with WFML was incredible. I’m so glad I met Vanessa. She and all the girls were always incredibly helpful and accommodating.

Any tips for our future Brides choosing a gown that makes the day complete?
Choose something that you know you’ll feel beautiful and confident in and once you have chosen your dress, stop looking!

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