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When Freddie Met Lilly at New York Fashion Week 2015

WFML New York Fashion Week Hepburnesque lineNew York Fashion Week is an extremely exciting time for fashion designers, models, and enthusiastic viewers alike. The semi-annual fashion show is held once in February and once again in September. This also is held in the same regard and esteem as fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, and London. New York Fashion Week is a huge event where international collections are displayed and showcased for the press, potential buyers, and the public at large. It is a massive opportunity for fashion designers to proudly show off their best designs to the world in hopes that someone will take notice.

This month, twenty Australian labels will reveal spring-summer collections to kick off New York Fashion Week. Of those twenty labels, three are out of Brisbane, and one of the lines is When Freddie Met Lilly. The collection that will hit the runway this month is marked by unusual textiles, a smoky palette with plum undertones, and clean lines and cuts.

The beautiful assortment of clothing by When Freddie met Lilly from Brisbane consists of fourteen gowns, all of which fall into the category of either eveningwear or bridal dresses.

The Hepburnesque Collection at the New York Fashion Week

When Freddie Met Lilly’s line of dresses is simply stunning, with creative uses of hand cut Italian lace and Swarovski crystals and pearls, as well as decidedly old-timely, vintage feel, which is appropriate considering the name of the collection: Hepburnesque. In another novel twist, the dresses in the collection are named after men in Audrey Hepburn’s life; this is rather unusual, as dresses in fashion lines are frequently named after women.

The Audrey Hepburn inspired collection is a gorgeous blend of modern style and vintage inspiration, and features such pieces as Astaire, a form fitting gown made of mesh and lace with a black slit. It, like many other pieces in Hepburnesque, is complemented with a glamorous beaded headpiece.

Ruston is another glamorous example of the feel and look of the Hepburnesque line. The dress, which features plum lace and a nude underlay, makes an eye-catching but elegant evening gown. It’s a slim-fitted number with a keyhole design cut in the back, and a trailing lace train to pull the ensemble together.

On the bridal side of things, Hepburnesque’s Bogart is a floor length, slim fit, white lace affair with a lovely embellishment along its deep V neckline. It also features a subtle mesh neckline and, of course, the ever-present jeweled headpiece to keep up the unique theme.

Though these are only a few examples of When Freddie Met Lilly’s style, each of the pieces in the line fits perfectly with the theme of the collection while still being charming, sexy, and one of a kind in its own right. Stylish, luxurious, and original, the dresses of Hepburnesque are sure to turn heads at New York Fashion Week.

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