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WFML X Wolf & Wildflower Photography

WFML X Wolf & Wildflower Photography Coachella Inspired Shoot

Rebecca and Dan, the two masterminds behind Wolf & Wildflower Photography, are relatively new to the bridal world, although the quality of their shots suggests otherwise! We were fortunate to be a part of a styled Coachella inspired shoot the pair arranged recently and wanted to share with you some of the amazing content that was produced by such a lovely group of vendors. We thought we would also ask the pair a few questions about their trade and business, so you brides know how to find the right photographer for you and how to keep them sane! PS it is our Di Gown you can see below!

WFML X Wolf & Wildflower PhotographyWhat essentials do you pack when you are shooting a wedding?

  • Every lens we own and our two cameras.
  • Panadol
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Run sheet

What do you wish non-photographers, couples etc, knew about your trade and process?
Requesting raw images – I think this is important to note that this isn’t ok. You choose your photographer based on their style and artwork. So once you ask for RAW’s, a majority of photographers will not provide these as that is their artwork, which can then be altered and changed and no longer be a reflection of the photographers work.

Asking for every image taken – there’s a great reason why all the images from a wedding set are not shown. This is because we are saving you from those embarrassing shots where you might not have been looking at the camera properly and you’re pulling a very awkward facial expression. Trust us, we’re giving you the best shots from the day, and you haven’t missed anything crucial. Haha!

Ask your guests to be unplugged and enjoy the wedding. It’s so much nicer seeing ceremony photos where the guests are actually looking at the bride and groom, rather than living it behind the screen of their phone.

WFML X Wolf & Wildflower Photography

What are the biggest crimes regularly committed against wedding photographers?
When Uncle Bob gets in the road with his SLR camera. Leave it to the photographer to get those special moments, and once again, ask people to go to the wedding unplugged. You’ve paid your photographer to capture those moments, and sometimes, Uncle Bob gets in the way of those magical moments like the first kiss, and once he does we try our best to avoid him in the shot. But sometimes this is not possible.

WFML X Wolf & Wildflower PhotographyWhat information do you need from couples before their big day?

  • Run sheet for the day (with addresses)
  • List of family and friends for the group shots
  • Who is in charge of each part of the day.

How important is it to trust your photographer?
Very important. Make sure you’ve done your research and reviewed their portfolio and are happy with their work. Yes, it is important to remain within your budget, but make sure you look at their past work and reviews. See if other clients have been happy with their work. That way you should be able to trust them come wedding day to do the job correctly. Be sure to also communicate with your photographer as to any important shots you’re after that way you’ll be able to trust that they’ll be sure to get the key moments for you.

What is your favourite thing about shooting weddings
The love that is shown on the day. They’re just so happy and full of love for each other, as their being able to share that time with their loved ones.

And also I (Bek) loves the pretty side of it. There’s just something about weddings, the combination of styling and florals that gets me every time. Hence why I can’t say no to styled shoots. I love seeing what each vendor brings to the wedding.


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