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WFML Real Bride Kelly

WFML Real Bride: Kelly

It is often said that when you find ‘the one‘, you will know. Our WFML Real Bride Kelly struggled to find ‘the one‘ off the rack. Read this blog post to discover how she was able to customise a wedding dress at WFML that made her feel and look beautiful!

So please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly!?
It was absolutely perfect. We were worried there would be rain and we would need to move the wedding indoors but the morning of, we woke to beautiful blue skies. Our wedding day was easily the happiest day of my life!

I have to say, one of the main reasons the day went so smoothly, was thanks to all of our amazing vendors. They all communicated with each other behind the scenes to make sure everything went to plan.

WFML Real Bride KellyWas your wedding themed? Did you and your hubby go for a traditional feel or more contemporary style?
My maid of honour coined the term rustic lace, which sums up our wedding theme quite nicely. We went for an elegant feel with a modern twist, which was succulents. I am a mad gardener and absolutely love succulents, so they were incorporated through out the wedding, all the stationary and signange featured beautiful water coloured succulents, the table decorations, bonbonnieres, wedding cake, our bouquets and my hair piece all included succies.

How did The Dress fit into your theme? Did you have an idea of which style you wanted before beginning the search for your Bridal Gown? And did this change much after you saw the girls at WFML?
I thought I knew what I wanted before trying on any dresses, but it turns out the style I had in mind, didn’t really look ‘wow’ on me. I made sure I had a really open mind and was happy to try on anything. Everyone always says, “you end up falling in love with what you least expect” when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

WFML Real Bride KellyI was pretty sure my dress would include lace (which it did), but I just didn’t know what the skirt would be like. Until I saw a beautiful gown on WFML website. I immediately loved the dress, but when I tried it on (WFML was our first stop) it wasn’t quite right on me. The dress was stunning, and I loved the skirt, but my bridesmaids and Mum weren’t convinced so we continued the search. Plus it was first place we’d visited so I visited another 4 wedding dress shops. None of the other stores made me feel as a comfortable and taken care of as WFML. So we went back!

Second time around, I tried on more dresses, but kept thinking back to the gorgeous, fun skirt I originally loved. I was talking to Steph who casually mentioned we could mix and match the dresses. I knew straight away that I wanted the beautiful skirt I first fell in love with and quickly found a top half of a dress that really suited me. Steph held the skirt up against the new top, and there were tears, we all knew it was my perfect dress.

Did your man choose his Suit? Or with some guidance did you help him? Did his suit compliment your gown? (or was it the other way around hehe).
I helped my husband and his groomsmen find his suit. Our wedding colours were navy, white and lilac, we found some striking navy suits for the boys. It took some convincing but they also agreed to lilac ties, which brought everything together really nicely.

WFML Real Bride KellyHow many dresses did you try on before you knew it was the one? 5? 10? 15+?
I can’t really remember but it was lots! I was starting to feel very disheartened that I hadn’t found ‘the one’ everyone talks about. All the dresses I tried on were so incredibly beautiful that I thought I would never be able to chose. Lucky I kept persevering and WFML created my dream dress.

How did your gown make you feel on your very Special Day?
So incredibly happy! The second I put it on in the morning, I felt like I never wanted to take it off. I knew I’d picked the right dress when everyone kept saying it was so ‘me’.

Were the girls from When Freddie met Lilly helpful in what can be quite a busy and time consuming process when find The Dress?
Steph helped us during both visits and I can not thank her enough. She went above and beyond, making sure we found my perfect dress. The boutique is beautiful and the experience from start to finish was so good, none of the other places we visited were comparable. I knew the dress shopping experience was important (but ultimately wanted to find the right dress), so I was over the moon when the right dress was at WFML.

Any tips for our future Brides choosing a gown that makes the day complete?
As cliched as it sounds, you will know when you find ‘the one’. So keep looking until you find it! Also relax and enjoy the experience, dress shopping should be fun!


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