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WFML Real Bride Bradene

WFML Real Bride: Bradene

Our WFML Real Bride Bradene dropped in several times for her dress alterations before she took home her dream wedding gown.

So Bradene, please tell us – with months (or even years!) of planning, did the Big Day run smoothly!?
Yes the big day ran very smoothly, no major hiccups! I felt really relaxed, more relaxed than I thought I would, and was excited to spend the day with friends and family.

Was your wedding themed? Did you and your hubby go for a traditional feel or more contemporary style?
It wasn’t themed perse, but did have a ‘modern country’ feel. We both grew up in rural areas so this is the type of wedding that felt right for us. We had no hesitation once we visited Yandina Station that it was what we wanted for our wedding.

How did The Dress fit into your theme? Did you have an idea of which style you wanted before beginning the search for your Bridal Gown? And did this change much after you saw the girls at WFML?
I knew I wanted a fitted lace dress; not a ball gown/princess style dress. I still tried all different types of dresses on though, as that is part of the fun, and helps to confirm exactly what you do feel most comfortable in. What most feels ‘like you’.

So, what I wanted didn’t change after I visitied WFML, just solidified for me.

WFML Real Bride BradeneDid your man choose his Suit? Or with some guidance did you help him? Did his suit compliment your gown? (or was it the other way around hehe).
Yes, he did choose his suit, but definitely with guidance! I think many suits would have complimented my style of gown, however, we chose navy blue because we felt this complimented the bridesmaids dresses, venue and country style of wedding, more so than a traditional black suit.

How many dresses did you try on before you knew it was the one? 5? 10? 15+?
I can’t remember exactly but I think the dress I chose was about the third I tried on. I probably tried on about 15 in total, but the dress I chose was the only one that made me feel really happy straight away, and the one that my bridesmaids and family who were with me kept talking about.

How did your gown make you feel on your very Special Day?

Were the girls from When Freddie met Lilly helpful in what can be quite a busy and time consuming process when find The Dress?
Yes, they were very helpful. They were happy for me to drop in for a number of appointments to ensure that I was happy with the dress alterations before I took it home.

Any tips for our future Brides choosing a gown that makes the day complete?
If it makes you happy straight away when you put it on, its probably the one!

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