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WFML Real Bride Aimee

WFML Real Bride: Aimee

Imagine heading off to a bind date with no idea who or what you’re about to walk into. You are nervous, anxious, scared and excited all at the same time; a little over excited but too scared to get your hopes up thinking that there could be a slight possibility of finding your forever love. Then, imagine walking away from that very first blind date having already organised a second,  for that same night! There would surely be a little kick in your step! Well, that’s the kind of love of Aimee and Tim; the kind that can’t get enough of each other, the kind that praises their strengths and builds together on their weaknesses.

Words & Photography Mitchell J Carlin

Adapted from:

WFML Real Bride Aimee “Marriage to me means working through life as a team – loving and supporting each other, sharing goals and dreams.”

So, what was clearly a winner of a second date, led to the beautiful wedding of Aimee and Tim in the country surrounds of the Gold Coast. It was a rustic modern affair, with a venue whose name stayed very true to its theme; Cowbell Creek. Dressed in hills of green and shadowed the most beautiful giant fig tree, it was truly a wedding spectacular; a little piece of paradise where Mother Nature decided to show off.

It was a morning of sweet breakfasts and wedding preperations – the beginning of a perfect celebration for these two humble hearts. It was fun and laughter from dawn till dusk with an abundance of cheeky characters and stories to tell; but it was a little old school rendition that truly sent the night into party mode;

WFML Real Bride Aimee “Our first dance was Lady Antebellum – One Great Mystery – which we chose because the words were really lovely, then we mashed it with Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ because we wanted to make it fun and get everyone in the mood to have a party.”

And just like any good country song, there is always a little story to match, one to make you giggle; a punchline one may say. So, as the excitement of the ceremony kicked in, they had all but one job left to do; and so the tale of Aimee and Tim begins;

“We got in the car to drive to the ceremony after sitting around wasting time and being nervous and there was no fuel in the car so we ended up being late!”

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