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WFML Formal Girl Kura

WFML Formal Girl: Kura

Kura was looking for a gorgeous dress in rosegold for her Formal and she found it in our store in Brisbane. That gown guaranteed her a lot of compliments and made her Formal truly a special night.

Kura, with months of planning did the formal run smoothly? 
Yes! It very much did run smoothly, everything turned out the way I had imagined it. Oh besides the part where my car ride had broken down five minutes away from the formal venue, luckily the driver had heaps of experience with the old ford mustangs!

WFML Formal Girl KuraHow did the dress fit into your theme? Did you have an idea of what style you wanted before beginning the search for your formal gown and did this change after you saw the girls at WFML?
There was no theme, and I had no theme besides having the one colour I wanted my dress to be which was Rose gold. I didn’t have an exact idea of what style of dress I wanted, although when I saw the dresses at WFML I fell in love with the designs instantly! I couldn’t get over how good the materials were for the dresses and how beautiful they all looked!

How many dresses did you try on?
The amount of dresses I tried on were roughly around 10, every dress I tried on my mum had to hold her tears in which was quite a challenge for her.

How did your gown make you feel?
My dress I had chosen, made me feel utterly beautiful! I couldn’t stop touching and I was just so happy! The rose gold had stood out so much alongside with the belt that had been chosen. I had so many compliments on how my dress was so pretty, one of my teachers does hemming for clothes and she couldn’t get over how good the material was!

Where the girls at WFML helpful?
Oh! The girls were heaps helpful in so many ways, especially liasing with us. From the very first day, they have been so kind and gave me ideas on which dress best makes my features stand out. I am so thankful and blessed to have met the girls at WFML, you’s made my night the best with my amazing dress!

Any tips for our future formal girls choosing a gown that makes the day complete? 
Here are some tips for ya girlies out there

  • try on heaps of dresses, as the one dress
    You are looking for may be hidden behind the gowns you had in mind
  • choose a gown that represents you as a
    person, girl this is your night to enjoy with friends
  • start navigating for your dress months before your special night
  • trust the girls at WFML, I did and look how my night turned out the way I imagined it

WFML Formal Girl Kura

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