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WFML Formal Girl Abbi 1

WFML Formal Girl: Abbi

Our Formal Girl Abbi chose a beautiful blue sequined gown from When Freddie met Lilly for her formal. Read below how she found it how how her formal went.

So Abbi, please tell us – with months of planning, did the formal run smoothly!?
Formal was a wonderful night Thank you I enjoyed it and absolutely loved my dress!

Planning from the very beginning was stressful but everything fell into place and worked out well. I was happy with the outcome of everything in the end. So yes the formal did run smoothly.

WFML Formal Girl AbbiHow did The Dress fit into your theme? Did you have an idea of which style you wanted before beginning the search for your Formal Gown? And did this change much after you saw the girls at WFML?
The dress was definitely appropriate to the formal theme with the sequins adding something special to it, and the silver belt which tied everything together including the accessories. At the beginning of this road I would never thought that I would have gone strapless but without a doubt as soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one for me!

How many dresses did you try on before you knew it was the one? 5? 10? 15+?
This blue sequined dress was the first formal dress I tried on and at an instant I knew it was the one thanks to When Freddy met Lilly. I was immediately filled with happiness and joy with how gorgeous the dress was!

WFML Formal Girl AbbiHow did your gown make you feel on your very Special Day?
This gown made me feel so special and pretty on the day and filled me with confidence and joy!

Were the girls from When Freddie met Lilly helpful in what can be quite a busy and time consuming process when find The Dress?
The staff at When Freddy met Lilly is outstanding and amazing! They fill everyone with confidence and with a happy and positive attitude all the time. Without a doubt I fully recommend this for any girls who are looking for a formal evening gown or wedding dress etc.

Thank you so much for helping me with my formal dress! I absolutely loved it and felt so special and pretty. Thank you for your kind words and your helpfulness with the dress throughout the year!

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