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“Indiana Collection” – Australian Bridal Fashion Week (ABFW)

wfml at the australian bridal fashion week (ABFW) - Indiana collection 2016Where did the inspiration for the ‘Indiana’ collection come from?
We we’re inspired from the juxtaposition of vintage and contemporary fashions as well as incredible muses. We take elements and personality traits from some of Hollywood’s most elegant women. Anyone from Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn to Margot Robbie and Naomi Watts tend to grace our sketchpad as we design and influence our collections. The ‘Indiana’ gowns almost have an ethereal Grecian inspired look that is oh-so dreamy.

How long was the process of designing the “Indiana collection” to seeing it on the runway?
Vanessa began designing the Indiana Collection after New York in October 2015 and final production changes were finalised in May 2016.

wfml at the australian bridal fashion week (ABFW) - Indiana collection 2016_4What can we expect from When Freddie met Lilly (WFML) on the ABFW runway?
We’ve really mixed up the traditional bridal gowns and introduced an edgy colour twist on the ‘stock standard’ brides. We’ve played around with some interesting beading techniques that are bringing our dresses to life with a little bit of elegance.

What was your favourite bit about ABFW?
When the models are all lined up ready to grace the stage and our eyes are gazing over last minute fitting checks a sense of happiness kicks in when you realise that all that time and preparation has come down to this ever so satisfying successful moment. The atmosphere at ABFW is beyond breathtaking and we loved each and every moment of it.

wfml at the australian bridal fashion week (ABFW) - Indiana collection 2016_1What advice would you give women looking for their dream gown?
Find a gown that represents who you are. There is nothing more important than a dress that suits your style and personality with a little extra dreamy perfection. If you have no idea where to begin try on absolutely every cut and style and determine which elements flatter your body and your dress hunt is significantly narrowed down.

You put a lot of individualised time and attention into each bride- why is this so important?
We don’t want our beautiful brides-to-be left disheartened so we try and get to know our clients as much as possible in the 60min appointments. We love learn about our clients interest and hobbies so we can help each bride become infatuated with a gown that specifically suits them.

What are your favourite bridal trends at the moment?
Mixing up the ‘traditional’ white bridal dresses with the historical ideas of bright coloured wedding dresses. We’re loving contemporary greys and blues mixed in with the creams and whites.

What can we expect from WFML in the coming months left of 2016?
We have a few exciting things happening in the next few months. We’re holding our own launch night of the ‘Indiana Collection’ at Brisbane’s Mirra in September. We will be attending the Queensland Bridal Awards and the Designer of WFML will be attending a number of ‘personality’ events. We may even be launching a new bridesmaid collection that we’re so excited about.
wfml at the australian bridal fashion week (ABFW) - Indiana collection 2016_5wfml at the australian bridal fashion week (ABFW) - Indiana collection 2016_2

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