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Wedding Veil, or Not to Veil, We’ve Got You Covered!

thea-wedding-veilCompleting your look for your wedding is probably the most difficult and most pleasurable task you get to do before the big day.

And you will be stunning when you walk down the aisle. All eyes will be on you!

Will you demurely observe your guests from behind your wedding veil?

Or would you prefer the veil to float gracefully along behind you?

Perhaps you want everyone to see your beautiful hair in that grand hairdo, accentuated perfectly with a delicate headpiece?

You get to choose! That is the greatest!

Lift the veil and browse When Freddie met Lilly’s gorgeous bridal accessories!

The experts at When Freddie met Lilly will help you make the choice. We know how to please brides!

You’ll have wonderful memories and will always love to revisit them when you see yourself in your wedding photos and albums.

It goes without question that wedding veils have a long tradition and carry a lot of symbolism. Veils are worn for different reasons and bridal veils have been a part of wedding ceremonies for centuries! We do not want to get into a religious, or better said political discussion here.

That would be totally unnecessary, because we are of the lucky generation who get to make the decision for ourselves!

Veil, veil plus headpiece or only headdress! What will you choose?

And because we get to choose everything we want to wear, there is a lot to decide on.

But good advice is: definitely to select your wedding gown first!

That is: UNLESS you have the luxury of getting to wear your Mum’s veil (and you’re like me: you don’t fit into her gown). But no problem there: the stunning designer wedding gowns from When Freddie met Lilly can be custom made for you in the style and fabrics you choose.

Your hairdo, headdress, veil, jewellery – all should harmonize with your wedding gown to complete the overall picture.

First, let’s take a short excursion in the history of wedding veils. That could help you make your decision.

Most everyone is in agreement on the fact that the bridal veil has always been a symbol of purity and virginity, just as long flowing hair also symbolised a girl or young woman’s innocence. It is also thought that the wedding veil was used in ancient times to ward off bad luck or evil in general. The veil and wedding dress were colourful, according to the influencing culture and tradition. The popularity of white wedding dresses today is attributed to Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

The coloured wedding veil may also have led to the tradition of the bride being led down the aisle, since it could have impaired her vision. Which brings us to the tradition in many religions and cultures that the bride’s face and head be covered with said veil until after the vows were spoken. Thank goodness the custom of the bride and groom not ever having seen each other before the wedding veil was lifted is over for most of us women these days! Same goes for the veil symbolising compliance or capitulation on our part.

The way you clothe yourself on your wedding day, from head to foot, is a fashion statement!

And like much of fashion today, concerning wearing a veil or not, it can be either or. The main thing is that you look fabulous and feel great!

If you opt for a wedding veil, take a look at the selection available!

We love our aptly named Bridal Veil. The edges are intricate lace, hand-picked by our designer. It is delightful and gracious, with a short and a long train to wear any way you like.

Our long baby tulle Nyree Veil goes wonderfully with a sleek, minimalist wedding gown. Absolutely beautiful!

The lovely featured Thea Veil can also be ordered in any length and has lace on the comb as well as around the base, while our elegant Catherine Veil has silk ribbon along the edges.

If you are planning to take your wedding veil off for the reception, we recommend that you have your hairdresser place it. She’ll have helped you find a hairdo which best complements your wedding dress and your own style. If you are going to wear a separate hairpiece, the veil should be positioned first. You are sure to have plenty of help in the dressing room taking it off.

A hairpiece will really accentuate your hair style and wedding veil, whether you wear one or not. No matter if you would like a flashy avant-garde headdress or something more delicate, like a diamante chain.

Take a look in When Freddie met Lilly’s collection of bridal accessories; you are sure to find something to complete your unique look!

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