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Wedding Trend: Fit and Flare Wedding Gowns

Congratulations are in order on your engagement. The next step is often one of the most important parts of your wedding planning, the dress shopping. When it comes to picking out your dress, you need to have an overall idea of what style you are looking for. If you don’t, chances are you will be overwhelmed by the 100’s of thousands of different styles that are out there. However, the style we are going to tell you about today is the trend of fit and flare.

Why Choose a Fit and Flare Wedding Gown?

Your wedding dress needs to be something you are comfortable in. The fit and flare gowns are popular because they flatter almost all body types. They are tight on top to show off your favourite assets, then flare out anywhere from just below the hips to at the knees, helping you hide the body parts you are not very proud of. Another reason to go with the fit and flare wedding gown is it is loose in the legs to allow you room to dance and move with your partner all night.

Who Should Wear a Fit and Flare?

This style wedding dress can flatter almost any bride. Brides with curves choose this gown a lot, due to that it really flatters the hip section. One beautiful dress that resembles a fit and flare is the Ginger gown brought to you by When Freddie met Lilly. The Ginger Gown creatures a dimpled corset with hand cut lace and a lavish tulle skirt. Any bride in this dress would feel like a queen.

The fit and flare style gown as also been worn by several celebrity brides as well. Some celebrities that have gone with this style gown includes Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Jessica Simpson and even Angelina Jolie. All of these brides looked beautiful just as you will.

Fit and Flare, Mermaid, and Trumpet

All of these gowns more or less have the same concept. They are all fitted at the top and flare out more at the bottom. The fit and flare have more of a gradual flare; the mermaid is tight until right below the knees, and trumpet flares often right around the knees. The fit and flare are often more comfortable because it flares sooner and is often a lot looser. One gown that falls into these categories is the Caterina Gown. Only this gown also features a slit allowing you more room and air in case you have an outdoor wedding where temperatures can be hot.

We at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane offer several different wedding gown designs. If you would like to try on a fit and flare wedding gown stop by today. We will either have one you love, or you can try on any other style until we help you find the one you have dreamed of. We are here to help you achieve the wedding you deserve.

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