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How to Get the Ultimate Wedding Suit Deal

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A custom made wedding suit will cost you as much as your bride-to-be’s wedding gown, right?


That is; you could spend that much, but you don’t have to.

Our make to measure designer suits are perfect for your wedding and for your wallet.

Take a look at the amazing suits in When Freddie met Lilly’s wedding suit for $499.95 deal!

Face it men, no matter how casual you usually like to go, there are some occasions where a suit is a must-have.

Like on your wedding day.

I bet I know what you’re thinking; after the hangover wears off, the only thing anyone is going to remember is how spectacular your lovely bride looked in her wedding dress.

But think of the wedding photos; with any luck, those will be around for a long time. You in your make to measure wedding suit will look cool and composed at her side if you take advantage of When Freddie met Lilly’s suit deal! Or you spend a lot of money on a rental and look like you’re wearing someone else’s suit in those pics.

Believe me, it will be close to impossible to find a rental suit that will fit you impeccably. Furthermore, you can really use your valuable time better than on the search for a suitable rental. (And this event is not any old formal, is it?)

Let the experts at When Freddie met Lilly custom fit your very own wedding suit, and you’ll find that wearing it is much more comfortable than expected. In fact, on a later occasion, those suit trousers will look fantastic with all of your dress shirts. And that suit jacket worn as a blazer will be awesome combined with a cool t-shirt and your favourite jeans! If you go three-piece, the vest will also be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit which would otherwise be too laid-back. Mix and match your suit to your heart’s content.

Another plus point: you won’t have to make the decision of what to wear at any other formal occasion ever again. Well, at least not for quite a while!

Let’s blow away the next myth: If I don’t pay a bundle for the suit, I’ll end up with something that looks cheap, right?

Wrong. Taking advantage of our wedding suit for $499.95 deal will not mean skimping on quality.

We only incorporate highest quality, hand-picked fabrics in our fabulous suits. A When Freddie met Lilly wedding suit, custom-tailored by our experts to fit only you, will always do you better than one bought at the most expensive shop, which doesn’t fit you right. No matter what your size and shape, we’ll get it spot on.

And check these equations out:

When Freddie met Lilly Suit Deal = SUIT + SHIRT + TIE = $499.95
Only want the suit and buying more than one? = $350 each
Rather have a bow tie? = Only an additional $30
Handmade kerchief or pocket square = $29.95
Matching vest = $169.95
Should it be custom made with the fabric you choose? = $699.95 to $899.95

Our designer has selected the fabrics we use for our suits and linings with our Australian climate conditions in mind.

When Freddie met Lilly’s light weight suits are made of a linen/cotton blend, and are perfect for beach and garden weddings.

Another of our favourite fabrics is cool wool; a touch more formal.

These fabrics form the basis that enables us to create flawless wedding suits, one of which you’ll love to wear on your big day and on many occasions afterwards. We will furnish you with the right wedding suit to keep your cool in, because people can see if you are uncomfortable (and there will be a few awkward moments – like kissing Auntie Zelda on the cheek).

Make an appointment with When Freddie met Lilly’s experts in Brisbane. We know exactly what to consider when selecting the fabrics and right suit design for you.
Your personality and style
Your complexion, eyes and hair colour
Your wedding theme and colours
Your bride-to-be’s gown and what her bridesmaids will be wearing
And lots more (that’s why we’re the experts)

After you pick your suit, we’ll be happy to advise you on which tasteful accessories would be ideal for you. We can make you a matching kerchief or pocket square to go with your hand-made Thai silk tie or bow tie. Which of your watches or chains goes best? Shoes? Just ask, we’ll give you our honest opinion. Then you can go to your wedding looking well-dressed and feeling like a million dollars.

Don’t forget your groomsmen! They need to look classy as well. Your bride-to-be will be coordinating her bridesmaids’ outfits. Let us take the work of coordinating the groomsmen’s outfits off your hands.

We’ll get those guys shaped up and ready to go in time for your important day.

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