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Get Your Gorgeous Wedding Suits Brisbane Made for Guys of All Sizes

wedding suits brisbaneWe love finding the most stunning bridal wear with and for you for your special day!

When Freddie met Lilly had the pleasure of clothing Lachy and Maddie’s entire wedding party recently. Thank you to both of them for sharing their beautiful photos with us! Photo credit: Tim Swinson Photography

This was no exception, as each and every one of the young people is a lovely individual. But as you can see on our featured image, the men weren’t just individual characters; each had his own individual body shape. And when purchasing their outfit, off the rack just wouldn’t do: custom wedding suits Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly were called for!

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s spectacular collection of bridal wear!

No matter if you are looking to suit up a large wedding party or are looking for one special formal gown, we have just what you are looking for! All of our wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, formal dresses and wedding suits Brisbane made to your specific criteria, custom size and special wishes are available in our private showing room and online!

We only use the highest quality hand-picked laces and fabrics for our gowns and suits! We’ll only give you something that we would want to wear ourselves!

Our fabulous featured bride chose our Bronte Gown to compliment her man in his custom wedding suit Brisbane. The 100% silk fitted bodice is extra long and highlights her shapely curves. Taking advantage of our custom, made-to-measure service, Maddie decided on a silk skirt with a luscious train and added a tulle one shoulder strap, which was an absolutely stunning choice.

You can’t see it in the photo, but during the wedding ceremony, she wore our Nyree Veil. This soft baby tulle veil is available in any length you would like. If you are dreaming of a long veil for the ceremony, but are afraid it will get in your way afterwards, then you might choose Maddie’s option.

She had her hairdresser do up her long tresses and placed our Abbey Comb where it would stay all day. Then the hairdresser affixed the Nyree Veil so that it was easy to remove as soon as she wanted. Her veil complimented the long train on her gown, but to keep her man from tripping over it during the reception and ruining his wedding suit Brisbane made, she planned on taking it off in time, revealing the diamantes and beads on her Abbey Comb.

Our matching Abbey Belt was the supreme finishing touch to her outfit (apart from her shoes, don’t get me started on them!) and cinched in her waist even more. Our hand beaded accessories are perfect for adding a little bling to an outfit or even changing the look completely!

Before we get to the men and their wedding suits Brisbane made, let us take a look at their beautiful counterparts: the bridesmaids! Bridesmaids are the lucky girls here, because their bridesmaids’ gowns can double as striking formal gowns at a later date. Add an accessory belt or our Marabou Shrug and you have a completely different look!

Maddie’s bridesmaids chose our 100% silk Goddess Gown in charcoal. Since we hand dye our fabrics, you can have your gowns made in virtually any colour you would like! As in this example, your bridesmaids can wear the same gown in the same colour, or you can opt for different gowns in the same colour, or the same gown in different hues…

Our Goddess Gown, as shown in our feature image, can be worn with our hand-beaded Goddess Harness for maximum effect. This harness can be ordered in many different colour combinations, just ask us; we’ll be happy to show you them!

Another favourite bridesmaids’ dress and formal gown is our Milla Maxi with its extra long ties. She won our Miss Versatility contest, because each time you tie her on, you can get a different effect. read here to find out more!

The men chose Shoreditch Slim Fitting Shiney Charcoal Suits for their wedding suits Brisbane made. It was a hard choice to make, with all of the fantastic fabrics available for our custom suits, but matched the wedding theme exactly. Each guy came in to have his suit made-to-measure. The results were classic wedding suits Brisbane made, which they didn’t want to take off again.

Another hard choice to make was if they should have ties or kerchiefs made matching the bridesmaids’ dresses, a customer favourite for formals and weddings alike. That is another option we offer you. These guys stayed conservative, and looked fantastic, we might add. Lachy wore a white tie and his groomsmen wore black.

Whether you’re looking for cocktail dresses, formal gowns or bridal fashion and custom wedding suits Brisbane made, the experts at When Freddie met Lilly will help you find exactly what you are looking for!

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