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When it Comes to Designing Your Wedding Gown, When Freddie met Lilly Really Pays Attention to Detail!

whenfreddiemetlilly-wedding-gownAre you struggling through magazines, the internet and advice from your friends in search of the perfect wedding gown? Have you been agonising for days over choosing from the many designs offered?

Modern or vintage style? A mix of pretty things? What would suit you best?

Search no more!

Find your perfect wedding gown in When Freddie met Lilly’s dazzling collection!

Our designer bridal collections host a beautiful assortment of stunning bridal gowns.

Let our experts help you decide which of the gorgeous hand-picked fabrics, bodices, skirt designs and accessories to choose in creating the perfect wedding gown for you.

It’s all in the details!

Just like you, we get inspiration from many sources.

Celebrities, for example. Their lives seem so glamorous. Some of them seem to only get positive attention from the press. They keep their noses clean, and we eagerly follow all the happy moments in their lives.

We want to live like them, look like them, maybe even act like them. What do we know about them?

Are their lives always happy? Can a life only be happy? We don’t know and don’t want to presume to know.

But we do know this: our happy moments usually are when we are with our friends and loved ones – and when we are looking and feeling great (go ahead and admit it).

One of the arguably most important days of our lives is our wedding day. We want to look our best and feel wonderful, and carry a little bit of celebrity allure.

We’ll share our secret with you of who is one of our very favourite celebrities and style icons!

Grace Kelly

Who has not dreamt of looking like, feeling like, being Grace Kelly? You don’t have to wear gloves like she is famous for, but then again, why not? She was probably moulded some by the studios, but we know she paid a lot of attention to details.

When Freddie met Lilly’s brilliant designer creates beautiful works of art, which are as exceptional and unique as the wonderful women who wear them, because she pays attention to the details!

We will customise your wedding gown with your individuality and wishes in mind. You can pick and choose until: There it is! The perfect dress for you.

We’ll find exactly what suits you best, highlighting your complexion, beauty, and also taking your body shape, wedding theme and colours into consideration. Who knows? We may end up with an ultra modern look, a vintage style, or a stunning combination of styles.

But we know one thing for sure; your designer wedding dress will be perfect for you on your special day!

Let’s take a journey through When Freddie met Lilly’s world of spectacular wedding gowns and sneak a peek at some of the glorious details.

We’ll start with the wedding gown named for our featured style icon. The Grace Gown makes the most of our exquisite lace and delightful buttons. This elegant full lace gown has an equally refined back, with a charming bow and spectacular vertical button detail.

We love to generously incorporate the hand-picked When Freddie met Lilly laces in our dresses.

Get an eyeful of the Waterlilly lace on our Violet Gown. The scalloped edging around the V neckline and the bust are just the right details in the front to complement the bustled train in the back.

Our Angel Gown has a heavenly French lace bodice and sleeves to balance the lavish tulle skirt. Not everyone may get to see the three petite buttons in the back, but they are a detail that cannot be done without!

Are you planning a beach or garden wedding? Take a look at our Rachael Gown. The hand beading on the back and front provide the perfect contrast to the elegant, flowing silk and chiffon skirt.

And if you like beadwork details, you’ll love the wedding gown named for our newest bridal fashion collection: the Phoenix Gown. Trickles of beautiful beadwork are scattered throughout the body of the gown. Complemented with the lavish full lace train, this striking gown soars in its own right.

Keep on looking!

More beautiful details are just waiting for you to discover them in our stunning Phoenix Collection!

Photo Credit Jacqueline from Phoenix-Milla Photography

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