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The Perfect Guide to Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown Brisbane

wedding gown brisbaneHave you got everything set? Date, venue, wedding theme?

Who are your bridesmaids and groomsmen going to be, and what will they wear?

What flowers and decorations have you chosen? Have you got an idea when you want to send out your invitations, will six weeks before the big day do?

How’s the search for your wedding dress going?

There is so much to think of!

Are you getting a little bit overwhelmed?

We can help you! Your dream wedding gown Brisbane made is waiting for you! The experts at When Freddie met Lilly know exactly what you want, we love brides!

Get inspired by our stunning bridal fashion collection!

Make an appointment with us in our private showroom in Brisbane. We’ll cater to your every need and you can try on each and every dress in our collection! But before you come to your appointment follow the easy steps in our list.

1. What fabrics do you like?

Have you taken a look through the link we gave you above? That is a great place to start, because you’ll have a chance to scroll through our collection of the most spectacular collection of gowns to start on your path to finding your very own dream wedding gown Brisbane made!

It is easy; just click on the link and take your time looking. When you are ready to come back to our list, then you can click on “News” and you’ll be directed right back here! Now go take a look!

Did you notice that we have dozens of laces, silks, tulle, chiffon and other fabrics to choose from? Every material used in our beautiful creations has been hand-picked by our brilliant designer. She has gone out of her way to find the highest-quality textiles, since she will only use the very best for your gown!

Have you noted what kind of fabric you definitely want your dress to be made of? 100% smooth silk, delicate lace, thick lavish tulle, a combination…?

2. The next step is deciding what style of bodice you like.

Take a look at the bodices on the gowns again. Since our bridal fashion is custom made, we can combine any bodice style with the skirt of your choice. We will make your gown to measure, so that you’ll be sure to get exactly what you always dreamed of! You designer wedding gown Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly will fit you perfectly.

Choose a few bodice styles which please you and you would be comfortable wearing. When you come to your appointment, you can try them all on and maybe a few that you didn’t think you would like, too. That way you can make your informed choice.

Consider your wedding theme, as well. Modern or traditional, Boho beach wedding, or a garden party? What kind of bodice would complement your wedding theme? Something soft and elegant or rather something more edgy with a modern cut and high neck-line?

3. We’ll take a look at the skirts to go with your style in this step.

The skirt can be the hard part, because there are so many styles to choose from! Would it suit you to have a sleek and tailored skirt or have you always dreamed of a full and lavish fairy-tale princess skirt? We’ll show you everything we have and decide on a design which exactly suits you and your style. But do us a favour and consider whether you would like to have a train on your skirt or not. Will it fit into your plans for the reception? At your appointment we’ll show you different methods of creatively dealing with a train after the ceremony.

4. Would you like a split in the gown?

If your wedding gown Brisbane made is floor-length, you might need to consider if you need a split in the skirt. Where should it be? On the side, in the back or the front? We can take a look at the possibilities when you have decided what skirt style you would like to have. If your reception has you doing a lot of dancing, we need to take that into consideration!

5. Most important of all, choose the gown and accessories that you love and will enjoy wearing! This is your day! It’s all about you and we want to create your very own unique wedding gown Brisbane made which reflects your personality and style. You’ll love wearing your designer gown and love remembering your wedding when you are looking at the photos at a later date!

This list will not only help you to find your dream wedding gown Brisbane made! Is your man looking for an awesome suit for your wedding? The steps are the same when he is choosing his designer suit, only the obvious changes need to be made. We’ll give him a made-to-measure suit he’ll look and feel great in!

P.S. We have beautiful bridesmaids’ gowns and formal dresses, too!

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