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Lilly’s Five Most Favourite Wedding Flower Bouquet and Gown Combinations

wedding flower bouquetOh! The planning involved in getting everything just right for your wedding day!

Do you want it to be spectacular and beautiful and lovely and fun and are you getting a teensy bit overwhelmed?

Let the experts at When Freddie met Lilly help you out!

We’ve shown you Five Stress-Free Steps to the Designer Wedding Dress of Your Dreams!

Get inspired by our stunning new Phoenix Collection!

You can find out Lilly’s choice of When Freddie met Lilly designer bridal fashion and wedding flower bouquet combinations!

Believe me, you are not the only one asking us what wedding flower bouquet colours we would recommend to go with your stunning new designer wedding gown and your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Our advice is first and foremost to go with what you personally love the best and what will please you. With the availability of such a wide assortment of cultivated flowers in every imaginable colour, you can easily find lovely flowers that will be the perfect complement to your wedding gown, complexion and hair colour, and also for the decorations suiting your wedding theme. The only hard thing is to decide which ones to take, since we can’t have them all!

Still, the experience our experts at When Freddie met Lilly have made says that some colours seem to be made for each other. And we wanted to let you in on Lilly’s favourite wedding flower bouquet and gown combinations.

Phoenix Gown and pink Lily wedding flower bouquet combination

Of course, Lilly loves the flowers she was named for! Botanically named Lilium, true lilies can be found in the wild, in gardens or in the greenhouse as ornamental hybrids. Originating in the Northern Hemisphere, they are now available everywhere and in truly wonderful colours. The white lily has been used to symbolise Christian virtues and the Virgin Mary. But for this combination, Lilly doesn’t necessary want white.

Lilly’s right-now most favourite is our fantastic Phoenix Gown, aptly named for our new extensive Phoenix Collection, with prominent pink lilies. The feminine and romantic pink lilies in the bouquet mirror the vintage glamour of our shell-coloured gown with its lavish full lace train and glorious beadwork.

When Lilly dreams of her ceremony with a vintage theme and Phoenix Gown, her bridesmaids are wearing different pastel shades of our very lovely Charlie Gown. With so many colours available, the bridesmaids will look beautiful in the hand beaded lace bodice and flowing skirt. And in their hands they will each hold their own lily wedding flower bouquet, which will be a different shade of their dress colour.

Roses Gown with a Baby’s Breath wedding flower bouquet

Sometimes Lilly dreams of a pink and white wedding theme, with her starring in our baby pink Roses Gown. She loves the full lace gown with a daring back view. The flower petals on the back detailing are complemented by her generous feathery Baby’s Breath bouquet. She loves those delicate flowers all by themselves but in terrific abundance. They will be incorporated in all the bridal bouquets, made into flower girl crowns, table decorations, be decorating the church and her party venue. Lots and lots of not too subtle flowers! They are beautiful when displayed with other kinds of flowers, but can stand alone as a clean and modern bouquet.

Did you know Baby’s Breath belongs to the genus Gypsophila (Greek: gypsum loving) which is a member of the carnation family? These tiny flowers grow in the wild in as many as 35 forms and some can be used for many purposes such as detergents, but the ornamental species we love so much are G. paniculata or G. elegans.

Lilly’s bridesmaids will be wearing our pink Willow Maxi bridesmaids’ gowns you can see in the feature image. The jewelled neckline and plaited belt are lovely and over all a perfect match for the Baby’s Breath bouquets.

Grace Gown combined with very red Roses wedding flower bouquet

Roses! Who doesn’t love roses? Roses have been long used as symbols in many societies. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. The root word rose means pink or red in several modern and antique languages.

And Lilly loves our gorgeous Grace Gown with its spectacular lace and vertical button detail down the back. Absolutely magnificent combined with a passion inspiring red rose bouquet. When she dreams of herself in this classic scene, she feels so graceful and very proper! Her bridesmaids get to wear lace, too. The adorable Susannah Maxi in baby pink is a combination of silk and hand-picked laces and they will be carrying rose bouquets in a red a few shades lighter than Lilly’s.

Have you heard that there are over 100 species of roses, not all of which are suitable for bouquets? The rose has long been an object of adoration, with gardens full of different roses and hybrid forms. Rose motives decorate ceramic vases, statuettes and are depicted in paintings and other artwork.

The strong scent of roses and other plants was used in times when bathing was not an everyday thing, to make rooms and the people in them smell better, either as fresh flower arrangements or in perfumes. Dried roses are often used in potpourri today. My rose scented hand cream is lovely.

Angellica Gown and a Tulip wedding flower bouquet

When Lilly thinks about springtime, she remembers her trip to the Netherlands when the tulip fields were in full bloom. And the stunning bodice cut of the Angellica Gown reminds her of the portrayals of tulips in her little sister’s drawings. A colourful bouquet of tulips is the perfect match to the dazzling lacy off-white dress.

Tulips, in the right season, are available in an astounding variety of colours. Most of our cultivated tulips were derived from the the species Tulipa suaveolens. It was probably first cultivated in Persia in the 10th century. Since the Persian name for tulip, lale, has the same Arabic letters as Allah, it became a holy symbol and is used as decorative motif in the Ottoman Empire but also in art through the ages and today.

Lilly’s bridesmaids will each wear a Xanadu Gown, which is available in up to 30 different colours, so they will be just as bright and pretty as her bouquet. She’ll choose a colour with the help of the ladies at When Freddie met Lilly, which best suits their complexion and hair colour. Each of their tulip bouquets will be a harmonious lighter shade of their dress.

Veronica Gown and lovely Peonies in the wedding flower bouquet

An active surfer and sun goddess, Lilly also has daydreams about a beach wedding. She loves the sophisticated style and the almost transparent dreaminess of the full lace Veronica Gown! Light yellow peonies are the perfect symbol of summer and companionship and the downy petals complement the scalloped edges of her gown.

The peony is known in China as the “flower of riches and honour”. China has a long history as the peony cultivation centre. Dozens of Peony shows are held in China each year. Often depicted in artwork, it is said that the petals of some species can be eaten in salads or used in tea or other drinks.

The bridesmaids will be wearing different hues from champagne to mocha of the silk and chiffon Farrah Gown, which has lovely flowery details on the bodice to go with their peonies. This bridesmaids’ dress is also available in 30 different colours and they’ll love to wear it after your wedding at formals.

Come visit us in Brisbane or in one of our choice boutiques. We’ll help you make those daydreams come true!

Photo Credit Jacqueline from Phoenix-Milla Photography
The lovely bouquets in the photo came from Angie’s Floral Design

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