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Wedding Dresses Throughout The Ages: What Trends Have Stayed

wedding dresse throughout the ages - when freddie met lillyHave you ever rifled through your grandmothers attic, pulled out her exquisite vintage gown and marvelled at its beauty? Or laughed out at the over the top design of your mothers’ bridal outfit while looking at her wedding album? Do you dream about your wedding outfit-whether you will wed in white or be bold in colour?

We, at When Freddie met Lilly, have decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at wedding dresses throughout the ages – what trends have stayed and what designs are coming back in style!

Vintage Wedding Gowns

Vintage wedding gowns are seen in all Elizabethan movies, and flapper hat cloches were very popular amongst brides. Bodices became loose and free flowing as new found womanhood was embraced. Think of Keira Knightly in the movie The Duchess and her grandiose wedding dress with the bows which probably reflected choices made for others for the Duchess of Devonshire! The Angelique Gown from Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly reflects this vintage trend with an edgy touch.

Wedding Dresses with a dash of colour

Contrary to popular perception, wedding dresses weren’t always white! They came into fashion during Victorian times. Brides often wore the finest dress that they owned for their wedding, but it was not often white. Bridal gown colours ranged from blue to brown.

It is a common belief that the colour of a wedding dress symbolizes the virtue of the bride. The assumption that white signifies virginity is not true as it was the colour blue that was connected to purity, piety, faithfulness and the Virgin Mary. Western wedding dresses are generally white these days, although shades range from nudes to soft whites, like our Nude Bariano Jewel Strapless Gown and gorgeous white Arabella Gown.

The Glamorous Fifties

Modest but feminine dresses were the order of the day, using a combination of lace and satin with typically mid calf lengths. Princess line skirts and sweetheart necklines were in vogue, like in our Lilliana Maxi and Lotus Gown.

The Roaring Sixties and Seventies

While the sixties was the decade of the minis, crochet, lace and bouffant veils with fun wedding dresses that reflected the bride’s personality, the hippie era was still felt in the seventies. Floor length dresses gained popularity once again, as did wearing pantsuits and hats at the wedding function.

The “Big” Eighties

Big hair and big shoulders characterized this decade in which wedding dresses were all about the bouffant, the shoulder pads and puffed sleeves. Don’t be surprised as women who got married in this age cringe upon seeing their wedding album! Reflect on Princess Diana’s fairytale wedding in her grand Victorian style wedding dress and you will get an idea about the dresses in vogue in the eighties.

The Holly Gown with its full skirt of baby soft tulle and the Venus Maxi with its asymmetrically cut tulle skirt from Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly are the modern versions of this vintage fairytale dress trend that has stayed through the ages.

Recent Wedding Dress Trends

Angelina Jolie’s bridal gown was customized with drawings made by her children. Amal Alamuddin’s dreamy, romantic wedding gown was an exquisite mille-feuille of ivory tulle appliquéd with fourteen yards of Chantilly lace. The trend in wedding gowns in the twenty first century is all about showcasing the sex appeal of the bride in a classy way.

Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly can assist you to be the best version of yourself on your special day! Whether you are a lacy and frilly or simple and stylish kind of girl, remember that your wedding dress will be reflective of not only of your distinct personality, but also of the history, culture and attitude of your times.

Who knows, maybe your wedding dress can be a part of history, a part of wedding dresses throughout the ages  and what trends have stayed!


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