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Lilly’s Favourite Wedding Dresses Brisbane Bought for Dreamy Destination Weddings

wedding dresses brisbaneDid you hear about the Leatherback Sea Turtle who made a special guest appearance at a beach wedding in St. Croix?

A gal and guy had just finished their lovely ceremony, when the beauty crawled out of the surf and made her appearance. She didn’t waste any time, but laid her eggs and went back to sea.

What a special blessing for that couple on their most important day!

That story set Lilly to daydreaming about her favourite thing: weddings. And today she is dreaming about the wedding gown she would wear at her destination wedding. Lucky for her, in daydreams she can choose from all the wedding dresses Brisbane can offer her and wear them to all her fantasy ceremonies.

Get inspired by When Freddie met Lilly’s fabulous collection of designer bridal gowns!

In most of her daydreams, Lilly and her man are alone at a beautiful location, so she wants to be able to dress herself easily and not find a lot of creases and wrinkles in her gown when she unpacks. She chose each daydream gown from When Freddie met Lilly’s fantastic collection of designer label wedding dresses in Brisbane’s very own boutique. The expert team custom fits the gown and is happy to give you tips on how to transport that gem the best. They’ll even get it ready for your suitcase for you!

Let the experts at When Freddie met Lilly help you choose from the most stunning wedding dresses Brisbane has to offer.

The featured Maquis Gown appears in Lilly’s daydream jungle safari destination wedding. This spectacular full lace gown is an appropriate sneak peek from When Freddie met Lilly’s new Valentina Collection, which is due to launch in Spring, and is highlighting organza and ornate textured laces as bridal fabrics! The Mandarin Collar and graceful train are perfectly combined to present a very stylish bride in her stand-alone wedding dress.

A focal point in Lilly’s dream beach weddings are the seamless, sleek and sophisticated style of wedding dresses made in Brisbane. Our modern Xanadu Bride is the embodiment of being versatile and luxuriously sexy. Don’t be fooled into thinking that such a comfortable gown could be anything other than perfect for your destination wedding. This gown is in no way plain and is just begging to be accessorized into your unique and personal wedding gown for your once-in-a-lifetime special day!

When Freddie met Lilly’s amazing selection of accessories are just waiting to be discovered: click here to delve into the embellishment pool!

Another wonderfully refined gown that is superbly versatile is our splendid Goddess Gown. Both it and our Xanadu are made of 100% silk and are available in more than 30 colours including bridal off-white and white. The Goddess Gown can be worn with or without the hand-beaded harness, giving you a completely different look each time. If you are looking for a little bling, we will help you find a sequinned or beaded belt, like our Leaf Belt, which is one of Lilly’s favourites, and a suitable headdress.

Lilly loves a sexy back, and can imagine herself wearing our sumptuous Maria Gown in a destination wedding set in an historic European castle. The silhouette of the gown is fit and flair, with a body-flattering bodice of extravagant lace, fastened in the back with three buttons at your nape and showing lots of skin, and then comes to a zippered close at the small of your back. Just under the hips, the flair is created by lavish layers of organza and a generous train. Just beautiful.

Our Farrah Gown is just the thing when Lilly imagines a Bohemian wedding with her loved ones on a mountaintop. The hand-beaded and hand-cut lace bodice sweeps down in a riveting pleated 100% silk skirt. Lilly loves her beautiful fancy shoe collection, but when you ask her to hitch up the skirt, you’ll find she’s still wearing her hiking boots from the walk up to the top!

What will you do for your destination wedding? Will you be alone with your man, will you meet your closest friends and family and then sneak off for your honeymoon? Or will you celebrate with everyone at your beautiful destination?

No matter where you are planning to celebrate, the experts at When Freddie met Lilly will gladly help you find the perfect gown out of the most extensive collection of wedding dresses Brisbane has to offer. We also have handsome suits for your gorgeous man and beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids and the rest of your wedding party.

Contact us now for an appointment! We love brides and will treat you like royalty while finding exactly the perfect gown for you. We’ll also pack your gown for you so that it is perfect at your destination!

Photo Credit Jacqueline from Phoenix-Milla Photography

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