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Stunning Wedding Dresses Brisbane to Flatter Every Body

wedding dresses brisbaneGet inspired by When Freddie met Lilly`s collection of spectacular bridal gowns!

Lilly loves wedding dresses Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly. And she loves wedding blogs. She wishes she would have found this one on facebook sooner. It might have helped a time or two, when she was in a doubting mood.

The idea is to prepare a “fight box”; this might be something that your bridesmaid and groomsman could arrange. A few days before the ceremony, the bride and groom to be write each other love letters and seal them in separate envelopes. During the wedding ceremony, these letters are placed with a bottle of wine in a box, which is nailed shut. An agreement is then made: when the couple have their first fight, the box will be opened. Each reads their partner’s love letter, and then they share the wine and make up.

The point I’m making here, is that your husband to be will surely write to you that he loves you just the way you are! Among other things, of course!

We love our ladies who come in all shapes and sizes!

We have made it our business to create fabulous designer gowns which will flatter every body. We know that standard sizes don’t always work. They are a starting point from which we customise and accessorise, to present our customers with unique and complimenting wedding dresses Brisbane made.

So no more agonising that your body doesn’t fit into the mould which the catwalk world dictates to us!

Make an appointment with our experts to custom fit your very own exclusive bridal gown.

Visit our private show room in Brisbane, where you can count on our experts’ experience and advice, but still try on each and every dress. We’ll go through our tried and true five stress free steps to the designer wedding dress of your dreams!

We offer you make-to-measure service; regardless wether you are extra voluptuous, wonderfully curvy, long waisted, slim hipped or what your cup size is. We know how to make the perfect dress with you and for you. That way our ladies get the most flattering and stunning wedding dresses Brisbane can offer!

Certain bodice and skirt designs are really suited to certain body types. For our beautiful curvy types we find the following designs really accentuate and sculpt your silhouette.

Our featured Aphrodite Maxi has a gorgeous Thai silk top, which you can have with or without the ruffles. Four sumptuous layers of cut tulle in the skirt draw attention to your waist, which we accentuate with a matching waist band. The layers of tulle also fall irregularly, effectively slimming and softening your outlines.

We love our amazing Samsara skirt. The luxuriously lavish Shantung silk is astoundingly lightweight. We drape the skirt, creating the bustled effect on the outer layer. You can have as many tucks as you’d like and the skirt length is also up to you! Our Samsara bodice is backless and the thick raw silk waist band cinches in your waist.

The sweetheart bodice on our Lilliana Maxi is beautifully simplistic and is made to your specific measurements. It perfectly sculpts bigger busts with built in support and security. You won’t be delivering any unwanted and disadvantageous views. The fine pleat detailing on the bodice also slims and softens your body shape. Made of chiffon with a satiny lining, it is wonderfully caressing to your skin.

If you would feel more comfortable with a change in design such as added sleeves, just ask. We will be happy to work with you to make your gown exactly to your wishes. You’re not interested in a white or off-white wedding dress? Fine with us! Since we hand-dye our fabrics, most of our designs are available in up to 70 colours.

The best wedding dresses Brisbane wide are made by When Freddie met Lilly’s expert designer. She hand picks our laces and fabrics and the bead and sequin details are hand-sewn.

PS: Is your man looking for a stylish suit to wear to your wedding? Get an eyeful of our When Freddie met Lilly designer suit selection. We’ll custom fit to make the perfect suit he’ll love to wear! We can also hand-make his Thai silk tie, kerchief or pocket square to match your gown. Designer wedding dresses Brisbane or shipped anywhere in the world; we have just what you are looking for.

Photo credit: Sunshine Coast Photography by Artography

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