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Wedding Dress Trends 2016 – Part 1

wedding dress trends 2016 when freddie met lillyJust like all trends, wedding dress trends come and go. Thankfully, though, wedding dress trends come out earlier than you may think. Here at When Freddy met Lilly we are one of the top Brisbane Designers and we want you to be able to view the wedding dress trends of 2016 before the 2016 season arrives.

3-D Flower Appliqués

This is one of the trends that come and go. However, it comes in different styles such as beaded on 3-d flowers that give a shimmer in the light, to hand cut lace flowers such as the ones found on the Alexis Gown. No matter what type of 3-d flower appliqués you go with. Your wedding gown will be sure to be a crowd pleaser and go great with any flowers you include during your wedding decor.

Sheer Long Sleeves

Yes, long sleeved wedding dresses are making a comeback. However, this isn’t the same long sleeves your grandmother used during her wedding day. This is a more modern and sleek look. More and more brides are choosing dresses from Brisbane designers such as us at When Freddy met Lilly, to create them a timeless wedding gown with sheer flowing long sleeves. One of the favoured long sleeved wedding dress trends in 2016 is the Lesley Gown. Which features both sheer long sleeves and gives the hint of 3-d flowers as well.

Tulle Skirted Wedding Dress Trends 2016

Several dresses in the 2016 wedding season are featuring tulle skirts. One of the best things about going with tulle skirted wedding dresses is that each one of them is different. Therefore, you can go with the trends, but you can also make them custom to your personal style. They come in long tulle overlays, or multiple layers of ruffled tulle. The tulle design found on these trends will give you just enough fluff to feel like a princess turning into a queen.

Sheer Tops with Flowing Skirts

One of the most popular wedding dress trends 2016 is the big flowing skirts with sheer revealing tops. These dresses are favoured by brides who want to make a statement saying they are proud of who they are. Though the tops are sheer, they cover just enough to leave you feeling modest on your big day. These dresses come in several different styles as well. From plain and simple for the more simple wedding to ones full of embellishments that will have guests swooning over every little detail.

Strapless A Line with Fluffed Skirt

This is one trend that never goes out of style. The strapless A line is a traditional dress that changes with every year’s trends. This 2016 season, you will find this dress either full of embellishments such as heavy beads or 3-d flowers. Whatever style you go with, you can’t go wrong.

Above are just a few of the wedding dress trends 2016. If you would like to see any of these trends in person you can visit our store When Freddy met Lilly, or you can visit any time online. We pride ourselves on being Brisbane’s top wedding dress designer. If you have any wedding party needs, contact us today!

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