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Wedding Dress Trend: Illusion Back

wedding dress trends illusion backWedding dress trends come and go. But one trend that never seems to fade is that of the illusion back wedding gown. These gowns offer timeless elegance that every bride is sure to love. At our store When Freddie met Lilly we are one of the top Brisbane designers of wedding dresses and we offer a long line of gowns that feature illusion backs.

What is an Illusion Back?

An illusion back wedding gown is a dress that features a unique see through back. The material that the backs of these dresses can be made from any see through material. However, they are mainly made from lace or a sheer tulle. One of When Freddie met Lilly’s most popular wedding gowns with an illusion back is the Angelique Gown.

Not only does this gown feature the lace illusion, it also has a keyhole opening as well. The same lace that the back is made of covers the bodice. The skirt and waist are both made of silk, this silk provides you with enough shine to glisten on your big day.

Elaborate Designed Backs

Often times people hold the misconception that wedding gowns with this type of back have to be plain and see through. However, illusion backs can also feature elegant and elaborate designs just like any other dress, if not even more so. One of the most elegant dresses with this type of back is the Xena Maxi. This gown is long and flowing, which makes it perfect for any type of garden wedding. The back, however, is shear and features beads, sequins, and most importantly diamonds. This gown is perfect for the bride who wants to have a simple dress at the same time wanting to make a statement.

Benefits of These Gowns

Of course, you want to be comfortable. These shear or laced back gowns offer just that. When you go with one of these dresses you won’t feel as confined. They allow you to move and dance freely on your big day. The downside to having a full bodied gown is that it is easy to get overheated during all of the festivities. With an illusion back, your body is able to cool down faster, due to the fact that the back is open. In the end you must choose what type of dress you prefer, however, these are two benefits to keep in mind.

Brisbane Designers Custom Dresses

When Freddie met Lilly is one of the only designers that will customize any dress they offer. These dresses can be customized by colour, size, details, and embellishments. If you can think it, we can create it.

If you are looking to follow a timeless wedding trend, then this is the trend for you. Illusion backs offer you an elegance that not every bride is comfortable with. Stop by our location at When Freddie met Lilly today to get started on finding your dream illusion back wedding dress.

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