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Wedding Dress Train Rules

wedding dress train addie gown when freddie met lilly brisbaneWhen it comes to weddings and your wedding dress, there is no set rules. However, there are several traditions that brides feel the need to live up to. One tradition being the train. Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly want you to know that your wedding can be anything you desire. Although there are no set rules for a wedding dress train, here are some basic guidelines you can look into.

Wedding Dress Train for a First Time Bride

Trains are more or less for anyone and everyone. However, they say the only time you should avoid a train is if you are renewing your vows or if this is your second wedding. A wedding dress train is more of an elaborate statement that should be left to those who are getting married for the first time. This goes hand in hand with the bridal veil; both are for the new brides only.

What Dresses Look Best with Trains?

As with every aspect of your wedding, this is completely up to you. If you like a dress with a wedding dress train on it go for it, if you prefer it without, that’s okay as well. However, on average ball gown wedding dresses look classic when paired with a train. Being one of the top Brisbane designers, When Freddie met Lilly offers the Holly Gown. This is a stunning dress that leaves you feeling like a princess with or without a train. Another gown that is jaw dropping with a train is the Addie Gown. This is more of a slim fit, covered head to tow with French lace, and a button down back leading to the cathedral length wedding dress train. This gown is for those brides who want to have every eye on them all night.

Which Length Wedding Dress Train Is Best?

As with every wedding dress, each of the train styles is different. A chapel train is the most common due to it is easy to handle and looks stunning. The chapel is typically 15 inches on the floor. Which is just a little longer than the sweep train some dresses have. The second most common is the cathedral. This is normally 22 inches or more. The cathedral can often be removed so that you can get around easier in your dress. There is also the option of a royal train. However, there is no set rule for how long these can be. They often have to be carried by the flower girl or other wedding party members. Some of these trains have been over 25 feet long!

In the end, choose a dress that matches your wedding and style. After all, this is your big day. If you want a train have one, if not, rock your own style. When Freddie met Lilly wants your big day to be everything you dreamed of and more. They offer dresses in both styles so that you have an unlimited number of options. Stop by our location today to start finding your dream wedding gown.

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