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Special Touches for Your Glamorous Wedding Dress Brisbane Made

wedding dress brisbaneHave you planned it all out?

Is everything set and you only have to wait a few more weeks for your wedding day?

You got your wedding dress Brisbane made by When Freddie met Lilly fitted and will have it in your hands soon. Your man has his custom designer suit, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen are also set, thanks to our expertise.

Nothing is missing and you don’t want to change anything. As a matter of fact, now that the venue you booked a year ago is paid and you’ve planned the menu with the caterer, you can hardly back out of anything now. Even the invitations have already been sent.

And then something devastating happens. A loved one passes away. Oh, my goodness, unexpected and tragic. And suddenly you don’t feel like celebrating.

But that is the very last thing your loved one would wish for! They would want you to have a lovely wedding, just as if they were there to share the perfect day with you. They wouldn’t want you to consider changing anything for even one second.

And you can add special touches to your bridal gown and suits, which can help you feel close to your deceased loved one on your wedding day. When Freddie met Lilly can help you.

This is not something you want to think about, we know that, but it can happen. There are lots of things you can do to honour your loved one’s memory and keep his or her spirit close to your heart.

Our customers, who have been in this situation, have shared their sorrow with us. In the time where you select and we fit your wedding dress Brisbane made, we get to know each other. We have met so many lovely people this way. They share their joyful days and weddings with us, and we have also shared their sorrow and helped them to find a way to deal with their grief, as their loved one would have wanted them to.

One of our lovely brides to be always brought her grandfather with her to her fittings. We especially enjoyed these fitting appointments, since he was such a good sport about patiently advising his granddaughter of his opinion while she tried on each and every dress in our collection. He was charming, and we were always looking forward to seeing the pair of them. On one of the last appointments, though, she came alone. When we inquired why, she shared with us that he had passed away. She didn’t know how she would be able to enjoy her wedding without him there. We all had a cry together and then started reminiscing about his wonderful humour and some of the jokes he had cracked. He wouldn’t want her to cry. How could she take a remembrance of him along with her?

It occurred to us that Granddad always wore a soft, green flannel over shirt when he was here. Our bride to be affirmed that it was his favourite shirt. We asked if she had kept it, which of course, she had. We gave it some thought; maybe we could incorporate a piece of the shirt into her wedding dress Brisbane made?

The most appropriate solution was to cut a heart out of the flannel shirt, which we then sewed onto her gown. Not only does she carry her love for him in her heart, but she then felt that he was with her during the whole ceremony. We didn’t just sew the one heart onto her wedding dress Brisbane; we also made her a tiny heart pillow to carry with her in her purse or pocket. She confided to us at a later date that she would hold the tiny heart in her hand when she had a difficult decision to make, and then felt as if her Granddad was giving her advice right there and then.

Another bride to be, who also purchased her wedding dress Brisbane from When Freddie met Lilly, lost her father a month before her wedding. She was terribly sad that her father wouldn’t be able to walk her down the aisle. Then she remembered reading about another woman in the same situation, and followed her suit. She had her favourite photo of her Dad made into brooches, which she had affixed to her shoes. That way her Dad could figuratively walk with her down the aisle.

Jewellery is a good way of making a work of art out of a remembrance. Photos in or on lockets are a good way of having a picture of your loved one with you, on your necklace or bracelet, or even as part of your bouquet. Since many of our accessories are hand beaded and embellished, we can help you incorporate special touches into your custom bridal wear.

Then not only will your wedding dress Brisbane be one-of-a-kind, but your wedding day will be a day to remember, with the spirit of your loved one accompanying you every step of the way!