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Wedding Dress Appointment – Whom to bring?

wedding dress appointment when freddie met lillyWhom to take along when you go say YES! to your dress

Your wedding dress appointment isn’t just any typical trip to a boutique. At When Freddie met Lilly, we make it an experience unlike any other, just how it should be!

So whom should you take along as you embark on your dress shopping journey? Who do you want as your companion at your wedding dress appointment when you make the most important investment of your wedding day?

Importance of the right Company 

The fashion world has created a fascinating and unique niche for the wedding dress industry, and fashionable trends are set year after year by high end designers. When Freddie met Lilly gives you a choice from literally thousands of different bridal gowns to choose from.

To take a decision as momentous as this, when you are looking for meaning and significance amongst the various choices to select YOUR wedding gown, you need proper guidance and advice.

At your wedding dress appointment at Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly, this assistance can come in the form of supportive friends and family members who respect your vision for your wedding day.

At the same time, they should also be honest and discerning enough to support your individual sense of style and help you become the best version of yourself for your special day.

Wedding Dress Appointment – Different Brides, Different Choices!

At When Freddie met Lilly, we always advise brides to bring along closest friends, family members, and sometimes even the groom to the wedding dress appointment. But make sure it’s people who are not afraid to give you an honest feedback and whose opinions you trust.

Different patterns emerge from different brides. Some brides keep the first wedding dress appointment as a fun day out with the bridesmaids, to shortlist a few choices. At the follow up wedding dress appointment when the dress is finalized, they are accompanied by a few trusted people such as moms, grandmothers, sisters or best friends.

Some brides work in reverse though! They choose to come in alone first for the wedding dress appointment to choose their top gowns and then bring back trusted family and friends to help them make the final cut.

Limit the Entourage

At Brisbane wedding couturiers When Freddie met Lilly we know that a woman’s wedding dress is the most important dress she will ever wear and we assist you in making sure that it’s absolutely perfect!

Our advice to each bride is to bring people who have her best interest at heart to her wedding dress appointment, and not just what they want her to wear. It’s difficult to understand ten different opinions from an entourage that makes it difficult to come to a consensus!

You could just bring along your mom or sister or best friend to your wedding dress appointment, who does well as an honest, reliable companion to say: “I love it. But it’s just not you.”

Ultimately, at your wedding dress appointment, remind yourself that it will be you who will be wearing the dress, so bring those whom you are most comfortable with and who will help you choose the gown of your dreams!

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