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The Wedding Checklist for your Big Day

wedding checklist clarissa wedding gown wfmlGetting married is something that many people dream of for a very long time before it actually happens. As a young girl, you may dream of the day where you are wearing the perfect dress, carrying beautiful flowers, and most of all walking down the aisle to your very own Prince Charming. While life is not a perfect fairy tale, your wedding day can be pretty close to perfection if you plan it that way and create a detailed wedding checklist for a perfect wedding day. At When Freddie met Lilly, we know how important your wedding day is to you, so read on below for tips on creating that checklist to give you a day you will always remember.

Wedding Checklist for a Perfect Day

As you begin to create your list, it is important to think of some aspects of your very own fairytale wedding. You may choose to go traditional, or you may choose to create a wedding that is totally unique and doesn’t follow any of the rules. Most weddings include apparel– a dress, bridesmaids dresses, a tux, shoes for everyone, a veil, jewellery, and other items for the wedding party to wear.

Then, you should think of the rings; this may be the most important part. After that, consider the decorations. What flowers do you want, if you want any? Are you planning any other decorations, such as centrepieces for the tables, or any other items to make the wedding and reception area beautiful? Are you planning to serve food or just cake? Add this to your list. What about music, a DJ, a dance floor, the invitations?

Make Sure to Brainstorm

First of all, sit down and brainstorm all of the things that you want for your wedding. The list should be as extensive as you can make it. Even if you aren’t sure if you want something to be a part of your wedding, add it, you can remove it later. After you make your first list, have someone close to you look at it. Have a conversation and discuss what else should be added to the list, what may be removed, and what you are unsure of. Remember, to put visiting When Freddie met Lilly for the perfect gown, such as the Clarissa Gown with its hand placed ivory pearls and vintage feel on your list. No bride can have the perfect wedding without the perfect dress after all.

Continue Your List Online

Next, you should do a quick search online to find pre-made marriage checklists. You may not find the perfect one that you want to use, but it could give you ideas of what you may be missing. With the list you made and the lists, you find, use the information to help you create a wedding checklist. Since it’s your list, you can make it as specific and detailed as you want or as broad as you would like. You need to create your list to make it useful for you. Since accessories are important to every bride, be sure to include them on your checklist for a perfect wedding day. When Freddie met Lilly has accessories such as the Golightly Comb to complement your hair and whatever gown you choose to wear.

As you can see, creating a wedding checklist is a very important part of creating the perfect fairy tale wedding. Start creating your list by thinking of every single aspect of what you think should be included in your perfect day. Write all of these things down, share your list, look over the list, and make sure it includes every single thing you need for your perfect wedding day. When searching for the perfect wedding gown and accessories, we at When Freddie met Lilly can’t wait to make your dreams come true.

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