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How to have an unforgettable full moon wedding

The moon doesn’t cast any light of its own. The light from the sun is reflecting it. It takes 28 days during which the moon goes through four main phases, and few people realize each phase has a huge influence on their lives, and that by taking an appropriate action at an auspicious time (or moon phase), you can create your own destiny. It is believed that to ensure a successful marriage, it’s best to have get married during full moon. So read on below for our best full moon wedding tips.

Why on earth would you go for a full moon wedding?

During the phase before full moon, people can be aggravated and passions run high, but when the full moon appears, it’s always been considered a magical time – the ideal time to make positive changes in your life. It will bring abundance and fertility to your relationship and upcoming marriage. Setting up home together or getting married during this period will ensure that your relationship will be a happy and prosperous one.

The full moon brings balance

The sun’s energy, which is called ‘‘Yang’’ energy, is a hot, thermal, radiating force, and is associated with aggression and domination. The moon is just reflecting the sun’s light, and it’s ‘‘Yin’’ energy is cooler, softer, more receptive, and yielding. When the moon is entirely illuminated, it’s energy is balanced with the sun’s. Marriage relationships also need to have a balance of yin (passive) and yang (active) energy in order to be sustainable.

Each partner also needs to have an internal balance of yin and yang energy in order to feel whole within themselves. If we are passive all of the time, we risk being taken advantage of, and too much aggression can mean we push people away or don’t listen to the other…When you get married under the full moon, the yin energy you are bringing into your union is just as powerful as the yang. And your marriage will be one of harmony and balance, with equal parts of giving and taking.

Emotions come to the surface

At full moon people draw their emotions out of the depth of their subconscious. Whatever they’ve been carrying with themselves, suddenly comes to the surface, and they become more expressive. When you have a full moon wedding, feelings are exaggerated and you might even find that everyone becomes more loving! Is that not how you would like to celebrate? Think about it…you as a couple wanting to be together forever, melting the most hardened of hearts! Or tears of joy –  washing away unnecessary old, hurt feelings. Your ceremony will be meaningful, and memorable…

A full moon brings intentions to completion

The intention you planted at the beginning of your relationship, is now coming to completion with your wedding. Just like the moon with which one phase has ended and another is starting, you are ready now to move from courtship and dating to the next level (or phase) of your relationship – where you build a life together.

Just get your timing right

It’s more auspicious to exchange your vows as the moon builds in fullness, when it will be radiant and shining at it’s brightest, rather than wanes towards darkness. Make sure to plan photos for when it’s first rising, hovering against the horizon. Because it’s then that it appears at its largest and most luminous!

Dreamy full moon wedding venue

For a wedding like this, there really are plenty of venue choices. Most go for romantic places with breathtaking views…For maximum effect and to bask in the moon’s glow – opt for an outdoor reception under a transparent marquee…choose a starlit setting…or even a far- away destination.. You might find the location of your dreams…an isolated beach…for a wedding miles and miles away.

Lovely dress under the full moon

For a lace dress in the bohemian style (which we specialize with here at When Freddie met Lilly) look at our incredible Dakota Collection – elegant yet modern in Italian and French laces, hand embellishments and soft silks. Or drift off into a fairy-tale land on your wedding day – with our romantic Phoenix Collection, in whimsically placed laces, crystals, pearls and tulle. Beautiful destination locations inspired this range, which is perfect for your getaway island, lush garden or foreign cityscape backdrop…

But anything and everything will go – even highlighted/UV coloured accessories like a flower bracelet, necklace, headband or flower crown. Check out our Vintage tulle headpiece! You could even have UV paint all over you too…which would shine beautifully in the full moon light, and make the prominent statement: the two of you are starting a new phase of your future together…

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