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How to Pull off an Unforgettable All-White Wedding

Are you dreaming of a white wedding? If so, then you have come to the right place. Your wedding should be something that you will remember for the rest of your life, and a white wedding will give you just that. An all-white wedding looks stunning and elegant at the same time. The Brisbane designers from When Freddie met Lilly can help you with all your wedding attire needs. Until then, here are a few tips to get you started.

Unlimited Number of Themes

Just because your wedding is all white, doesn’t mean there can’t be more to it than that. You can go with a vintage style, that is all the rage right now. Think delicate white lace, with candles, and baby’s breath sprays tucked into your country bouquet full of white roses.

Modern and sleek is another theme that goes great with an all-white wedding. When you go with this style remember the main thing is clean lines and a sleek style. When Freddie met Lilly offers several stunning gowns that are modern and sleek. Gowns such as the Sabella Stretch Gown. This is for the bride who wants to keep everything simple and modern. Though it has little embellishments, it is still stunning with its backless design. This gown is made from silk and can be custom made for any bride.

Backgrounds are Essential

Though an all-white wedding is great in theory, it can easily get lost in a stark white room. When you have a white wedding, it is very important to pick a background or location that will make the white pop. Places such as sandy beaches by the ocean work wonderfully. Another location that is stunning is the flower garden, while your wedding is entirely white, the flowers in the background will provide a stunning backdrop.

Stay True to Your Theme

When considering all the aspects of your wedding, you need to remember to stay true to the theme. This means from your save the date cards to the invitation and even the place cards at the reception, all of this needs to be white. Of course, you cannot have white on white writing therefore, colours such as silver and beige work great.

Let People Know Before Hand You Are Having an All-White Wedding

Often times when guests are going to attend a wedding they want to wear a colour close to the wedding theme. Therefore, you should let everyone who you are inviting know to wear white, if that’s what you expect of them. You can let them know on the save the date card, or the invitation itself if you are not sending out save the dates.

When you are planning an all-white wedding make sure to stop by our Brisbane location When Freddie met Lilly. There you can find all your wedding attire, from bridesmaid’s gowns such as the Athena Bridal, to the wedding gown listed above. We even offer suits! Visit us today to start planning your dream wedding.

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