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Metallic Wedding Theme Ideas WFML Brisbane

Top 3 Metallic Wedding Theme Ideas

Metallic wedding themes were all the rage in 2016 and they are spilling over into 2017 as well. The theme can be paired with bold, deep colours that can work its way across everything from your bridal gown to your decorations at your reception. At When Freddie met Lilly we know that you want everything in your wedding to be 100 percent perfect and have the perfect custom made bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns, and accessories to make your dream wedding a reality. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top metallic wedding theme ideas to get the ball rolling on your perfect wedding.

Red and Gold Metallic Wedding Theme

Red and gold is the perfect theme for that winter wedding you’ve been planning. Dress your bridesmaids in bright red dresses and put gold sprayed thin branches in their bouquet of red roses. These will perfectly compliment the Chanel Gown that you had custom made at When Freddy met Lilly. It has a pretty golden waistband and is perfect for a wedding that is all metallic.

Silver and Green

There is nothing more gorgeous than emerald green and silver when it comes to a metallic wedding theme. You want dark greens for your bridesmaid’s dresses and don’t forget to add plenty of green foliage to the centrepieces at the reception. All this green will look amazing with the Golightly Gown you choose in silver from When Freddy met Lilly. It is the ultimate dress in modern bridal designs and fit to be worn by a princess on her big day. Make sure to interject these colours into your wedding theme suitably and they will work well for you.

Blush and Bronze

One of the most popular metallic wedding theme ideas of the year has to be the blush and bronze theme.  If you are a huge fan of rose gold, then you will love this theme above all else. After all, this day is yours to do with what you will, right? Your bridesmaids will look amazing in blush in blush pink dresses. Don’t forget to include your groomsmen in the theme by having them wear bronze ties or bronze cummerbunds. Peach flower arrangements and copper accessories on the tables will have your guests raving over your metallic wedding theme for months to come.

Tips for Choosing Your Theme

When it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding, metallic is the way many brides decide to go. Choosing which metallic wedding theme to go with has to be a personal choice. Sit down with your husband to be and consider together the time of year, decorations, and the budget you have to spend on your theme and then decide based on what you both think.

These are just a few of the top ideas for metallic themed weddings in 2017. Do your research and choose the right one for you. Know that we at When Freddy met Lilly will help you find the perfect bridal gown and accessories to match whatever theme your heart desires.

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