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Top 10 Wedding Theme Trends 2015/2016

wedding dress theme trends 20152016 when freddie met lillyWhen it comes to wedding theme trends, they’re always different with every year. While there are the more classic trends that never go out of style, other ones are always coming and going. Maybe you have heard of some of this year’s wedding trends but not sure, if they are popular ones. Below are the ten top wedding theme trends from the last year and 2016. For more great wedding theme trends, you can visit the Brisbane designers at When Freddie met Lilly today as well.

1. The Great Gatsby Theme

This year was the year of the rebirth of Gatsby love. The idea of an extravagant 1920’s party is exciting, why not take it a step further, and use it as your wedding theme? It is one of the most popular wedding theme trends this year, and will still be around in 2016. Some of the highlights of this type of wedding are sparkly linens, and a colour scheme of black and white.

2. The Bohemian Chic Theme

The bohemian style is popular overall, and it can make for a beautiful wedding theme. It is a great idea for simple weddings. One of the ways to make your wedding bohemian style is to ditch the veil for a cute, simple flower crown. Pair the crown with a flowing dress and have natural coloured, pastels, and gold-coloured linens and decorations.

3. The Rustic Chic

Simple and understated, rusted chic is simple and country themed. Decorations include mason jars, farmhouse tables, and bright accent colours throughout the wedding. The dress stays more traditional, but pair of cowboy boots instead of the usual heels.

4. Make it Modern

Modern wedding theme trends are another theme that can be seen often. This theme calls for sleek decorations, in black and white with some colour. The wedding dress should be more form fitting, as is the groom’s tuxedo, but both will remain classic in their styles.

5. Taking it Vintage

Vintage is the new cool, so it only makes sense that it is another popular wedding theme trend of the year. Vintage weddings, of course, mean that the decorations come from vintage thrift stores. The bride’s dress may be more of a vintage theme as well, or be paired with vintage accessories.

6. Colour Themed Weddings

Another popular wedding theme trend is to focus on specific colours. This means that there are pops of this colour throughout the wedding. It can make an appearance in the bride’s dress or accessories.

7. TV, Movie, or Book Show Themes

The Great Gatsby is not the only book people draw inspiration from when it comes to their wedding. If a couple shares a passion for a TV show, book, or movie, they may choose that for their wedding theme.

8. Cultural Themed Weddings

People are embracing their traditions of their culture closely. Therefore, they are adding traditional customs and decorations to weddings. When the bride and groom come from two different cultures, they try to combine the two cultures in a cohesive way.

9. Seaside Themed Weddings

For couples that love beaches, a seaside wedding is a perfect option. They are simple and somewhat understated; you don’t need to have extravagant decorations or dresses because you are surrounded by breathtaking scenes. Weddings usually take place where you can see the water.

10. Holiday Wedding Theme

For those couples who share a particular love of a certain holiday, they may choose for their wedding theme to focus on that. The holiday may be one like New Year’s, which has a lot of flexibility in how it can be setup and done. Other holiday themed weddings may include Halloween, which can make for some crazy, but fun possibilities.

These are the top ten wedding theme trends of 2015-2016. Maybe you have seen some of these themes in your friend’s weddings. Now you have an idea for your own wedding. Whatever the case may be, When Freddie met Lilly offers bridal gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses, which may help, give you some further inspiration.

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