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Tips for a Gypsy Style Wedding

It started in 2010 in Europe with the TV show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,’’ which centres around a number of gypsy families, and led to a gypsy style wedding trend world-wide. Take the following tips from us here at When Freddie met Lilly to inspire you also to go gypsy at your wedding.

But first, the interesting real gypsy traditions and habits which you can keep in mind as you plan your marriage.

  • The groom goes with friends or family to the bride’s father to ”steal” or ”buy” the bride, and offers him a sum of money in exchange for his daughter.
  • Gypsies often marry the man their family have selected for them
  • But a lot of gypsy girls run away to get married with boys they just met…
  • If they don’t run off they usually get married before they turn 18.
  • The bride and groom exchange a piece of bread sprinkled with salt, which symbolizes their harmonious future together..
  • Family and friends place cash gifts in a carved-out wooden loaf (symbolizing the ”Bread of Life”)
  • If a bride is a virgin the guests would wear a red armband to proof her virginity, or the sheets are hung out the morning after the wedding.
  • Bulgarian gypsies do belly dancing, or the Spanish gypsy dance, the flamenco.

Have a blast at your gypsy style wedding!

Start planning for the event of the century. Gypsy weddings are big gatherings where there are abundant food, family and dancing. Plan for an amazing party with gigantic platters of all kinds of foods like beef, chicken, vegetables, and breads, but also goose and pig. Celebrate with generous wine and beverages, after which you hit the dance floor. Gypsy parties are crazy! This party might have to be hold in a house because none of the venues in town would agree to host a gypsy party. There’s also no formal invite or RSVP system. Gypsies just show up.

Make a grand entrance

When the bride and groom arrive at their wedding, gypsies show up with a horse and ride in a carriage! This ”Old World” way of transportation alone stays a positive imprint in our mind and makes the bride feel like a real princess.

Rhinestones are a girl’s best friends

Gypsies find fashion one big game, and gypsy brides LOVE a big, bold dress, a Wide wide skirt, or even an illuminated dress!

Gypsies love everything feminine, but big, bright, embellished and incredibly fun. The bigger and the more bling, the better. Beautiful necklaces, bracelets and handbags in rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. (Have a look at our accessories here at When Freddie met Lilly.)

Lots of fabric

You’re going to wear a gigantic skirt with lots of fabric, like our Dayna skirt from our brandnew Drew Collection, which come in a beautiful blue which you can wear with a red top! Then there is the Selene tea-length skirt, from our &-Collection, or the Angel gown from the Phoenix range, if you prefer the usual dress in white.

Combine styles and fabrics

Combine styles and fabrics like furs, feathers and rhinestones. Remember a crystal-encrusted bodice, and of course, a crown – as a gypsy wedding outfit should look like a princess’s. For something a bit more ‘’darey’’, have a look at the Dawson gown from our Drew collection and see for yourself! This delicate gown is all about the lace and tulle – a see-through tulle bodice embellished with lace and beads, and an ultra-feminine full tulle skirt with high splits.

Bright colours

Charcoal or navy won’t go with gypsies. Shocking pink is more like it! Or bright yellow, with purple accents. You do you. If you think your personality comes close to a gypsy, go for it!  Have some fun with colour, so that all the eyes will be on you and your girls.

If your wedding dress has cut-outs, why not make your bridesmaids also try on more revealing gowns you’ll only find here at When Freddy met Lilly? Let them see the Milla Maxi from our Aphrodite range, or for a fuller skirt, have them look at our Maya gown.

Here is how you go gypsy

Get yourself in a spray tanning salon. Go for a few hair extensions, and the longest, most brightly coloured acrylic nails you can. With an all-over dusting of body glitter and a bright pink lipstick, you’re finally ready for the the big moment at your gypsy style wedding!

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