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The Best Tips for a Romantic Barn Wedding

In the last few years, planning a romantic barn wedding has become more and more popular. A barn wedding that gives you the perfect ambiance for everything from a rustic reception to gorgeous pictures that will last you a lifetime. At When Freddy met Lilly, we realize that you want everything for your barn wedding to be perfect, from the rustic flowers to the bridesmaid’s dresses and your wedding gown, of course. With that in mind, read on below for some of the top tips for planning your own romantic barn wedding today.

Set Aside a Budget for Extras at Your Barn Wedding

You need to know from the beginning that this type of wedding isn’t going to be full service, as it would be if you were hiring a wedding planner and having the reception in a formal hall. You will in most cases, be responsible for the chairs, tables, and anything else that you need. You will also be responsible for generators for lighting and electrical outlets. Make sure that you budget ahead of time for this and keep the lighting low so that the barn can be as romantic as possible for your wedding and the reception afterward. Visit When Freddy met Lilly for the perfect bridal gown in our Sahara gown as well. The French lace will look terrific against a rustic barn setting.

Allergy Proof the Area

While there is nothing that provides better photos than a rustic barn wedding with a few animals scattered about and a few hay bales thrown in the mix, you want to ensure that you allergy proof the area as well. The last thing you need at your romantic barn wedding is a bunch of guests sneezing throughout the ceremony. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Talk to your guests before your wedding to see who is allergic to what and then go from there on the decorations you use for the barn wedding of your dreams.

Skip the Heels

It might be a good idea to skip the heels when it comes to barn weddings. Remember, a rustic barn wedding means that the floors are going to be rustic as well. Skip the heels for you and your bridesmaids. Go shoeless and hide your bare feet under out floor length Veronica gown. So no one will ever know. Or you can even show off your bare feet with the toenails painted. After all, it is a rustic wedding and what’s more romantic than being natural at your own wedding? If you don’t want to go barefooted, then wear flats instead.

These are just a few tips you will need to follow when planning your own barn wedding. These types of weddings have become extremely popular for 2017, so read up today. Don’t forget to visit us at When Freddy met Lilly for all your bridal and wedding accessory needs. We are standing by to help you make your wedding, one of your dreams.

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