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The Perfect Wedding Dress for every kind of Wedding Season

when freddie met lilly wedding seasonOne of the most important decisions that a bride has to take for her wedding is to choose the right wedding dress in the right fabric well suited to the prevailing wedding season.  The perfect wedding dress makes a bride look like the loveliest, most perfect version of her and echoes her innate style and personality.

To choose the perfect wedding dress for all seasons, Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly recommend choosing the wedding dress fabric and style that doesn’t just make you feel beautiful. It should keep you comfortable according to the weather conditions and also be low maintenance.

Keep your style in mind

The wedding dress is the inspiration for the hair, makeup and accessories that all come together to make you look just as fabulous as you’ve always dreamed of, but you have to have a basic idea of what ‘look’ you are aiming for.

Your personal sense of style will decree whether you want to look as proper as a prom queen or as pretty as a princess. While When Freddie met Lilly, the wedding couturiers based in Brisbane, offer wedding dresses in various colours, fits and lengths, the material that you select based on the wedding season plays the most important role in keeping you comfortable on your big day.

Wedding Dresses for every Wedding Season

If you are getting married during the cooler autumn and winter months, choose bridal gowns that are made of beautiful French laces and customize them to have longer sleeves. However, if you plan to walk down the aisle in the spring or summer season, it is best to choose from the Brisbane designers When Freddie met Lilly’s many bridal gowns in lightweight fabrics such as silk and organdie. These can be tailored with breathable cotton underlays to make you feel cool in the hot weather.

Chiffon Dresses

This is a great choice for warm weather weddings as the material has an airy, sheer breeziness to it that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Choices like our Vivienne gown with the beautiful Waterlilly lace bodice or the Passionflower Maxi suits every kind of wedding, formal or otherwise.


Lace is available with a variety of fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. and adds an air of elegance and romance to the wedding occasion while simultaneously giving a vintage feel.

Lace accents appear to be thin and airy, especially when used without lining as in our Portia and Saxon wedding gowns. Our Veronica gown made entirely of lace is very popular amongst Brisbane brides who can choose the colour of the underlay to match the rest of the wedding theme.


Silk and silk blends are perfect for warmer climates as they are natural fibres that allow the dress to breathe and are ideal for traditional, formal wedding events. Our Lani gown with a silk underlay, flowy Xanadu gown made entirely of silk and the plunging Milla Maxi are perfect to carry the romantic feel a notch higher.


Tulle is used in combination with silk, chiffon, etc. to create wedding dresses that suit every wedding season and give a whimsical, princess like feel to the bride. Tulle mostly appears as the skirt of the gown, such When Freddie met Lilly’s bohemian Selene gown, the Holly gown with the lavish tulle skirt, and the Tallarah gown with a mermaid style tulle skirt.

Sometimes you start being as selective about your wedding dress as you have been about your life partner and the right dress would mean the world to you on the special day. So choose whether you’d like to be a princess for a day, a whimsical goddess or channel some old world grace and glamour and let When Freddie met Lilly help you choose a gown that’s perfectly you!


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