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The Perfect James Bond Themed Wedding

james bond themed wedding when freddie met lillyWeddings that have a central theme are becoming more popular in recent trends. One such wedding theme that has gained a lot of buzz and attention is the James Bond themed wedding. James Bond is a very influential fictional character that is known for his debonair smile and suave attitude. Brides and grooms alike will be able to enjoy a wedding that has been inspired by the 007-movie universe, full of intrigue and mystery. Below is a guide that includes features that can make your wedding the perfect James Bond themed wedding. When looking to throw the perfect James Bond themed wedding, you can’t go wrong by visiting the Brisbane designers from When Freddie met Lilly.

Dress Like James Bond

What would be better at a James Bond themed wedding than having the groom dressed as James Bond himself? James Bond made an image for himself by wearing formal dress, such as a classic tuxedo, that quickly became the personification of a gentleman. To dress like James Bond, the groom would have to dress with the timeless style that is seen throughout the 007 movies.

Black Bridesmaid gowns

During a James Bond themed wedding the bridesmaids could wear a black dress and emulate the Bond girls seen in the 007 movies. These females are always dressed with glamour and impeccable taste. They make men turn their heads and chase after them, tails wagging in earnest.

A black bridesmaid dress that would look right out of a 007 movie is the Stella Gown, a head to toe sequined gown in stretch satin that is sure to be a showstopper. Another potential bridesmaid dress would be the Milla Maxi, which is a Silk Plunging Maxi that can is versatile and can be styled any way you like.

James Bond Inspired Play List

The 007 movies have collected a great assortment of music throughout the years. A James Bond Themed wedding would be the best location to showcase the famous artists that have recorded the 007 theme. It would be a simple feat to organize such an impressive collection of music into a play list suited for such a wedding.

Bond Inspired Wedding Location

007 movies are always filmed at exotic and famous locations around the world. They usually emulate class and the finer things in life. Having a location that was included in a 007 movie would allow your James Bond themed wedding to reach an even higher level of authenticity. Of course, you can find everything you need by visiting the Brisbane designers at When Freddy met Lilly.

Bond Inspired Cocktails

Throughout all the 007 movies, James Bond is often seen with a cocktail in hand. One of his most famous lines is “Shaken, not Stirred” that he uses in reference to his Vodka Martini. Having some cocktails inspired by the 007 movie would be a pleasant treat for your wedding guests.

Themed weddings are growing in popularity, for it allows a bride and groom to live a fantasy they have always wished to be a part of. If you wish to find bridesmaid gowns, a wedding gown, or tuxedos to match the theme of your wedding, then visit When Freddie met Lilly today!  

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