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The History of Wedding Dresses, Part 1

When it comes to weddings how much does one really know about the history of wedding dresses.? All we do is dream of which one we will wear for our marriage and then when the time is finally there, we pick out the one that looks best. But sometimes it can make your dress all the more meaningful to know the history and how we got to where we are now.

Social Status

Way back when weddings were not made out of love. They were made from arrangements and agreements between the bride and groom’s families. Therefore, the bride did not pick out a dress that looked best on her for her husband, but a dress that made her family look best. This way they held more social status when people saw her in her best dress.

Colours Other Than White

Believe it or not, years and years ago, wedding dresses were rarely white. They typically were dark colours including black. White was actually avoided as they show stains easily and were considered a waste of money because they could rarely be worn again. They also avoided green hues as they were considered unlucky.

One of the most popular colours includes blue. This is because at the time it was blue that represented purity. Blue also had a rich connection to the Virgin Mary. Even to this day, you can get a blue wedding dress. Therefore, if you want a gown that is different than white, no worries just tell them you are living a piece of history. We at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane can customize any of the dresses to your desire, including colour.

Already Owned Dress

When it came to choosing a wedding dress most brides chose to go with a dress already in their closet. Not only does this save the family unwanted expenses, but it also gives the bride the freedom of wearing something she already loves. Though they chose a dress they already have, they normally went with their finest gown. Some brides had the luxury of choosing a new gown, but not many.

Fabric Galore in history of Wedding Dresses

Not matter the style, colour, or use of the dress previously, one this was for certain, it had layers. Almost all the brides in history had one thing in common, the wanted the biggest dress possible. This means layers and layers of silk, tulle, lace, and any other fabric they could get. Though Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly stayed true to the same puffiness, they lowered the number of layers.

One gown that looks old fashioned and would fit in the history books is the Caprice Gown. This gown is a little more revealing, but it features the blue, and the full skirt, both found in the olden days. It has modern touches as well, such as the off-shoulder sleeves, lavish corset, and hand cut lace. The Aphroditie Maid Maxi with ruffles also looks like a dress for the history of wedding dresses. With its ruffled full skirt and white colouring, it looks like something fit for a queen.

When Freddie met Lilly is one of the top Brisbane designers. Visit our store in Brisbane today to find the dress of your dreams, from history to modern we have the dress for you.


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