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Small wedding ideas for an intimate wedding

More and more couples are leaning towards small intimate weddings today, either because of budget restriction, or they prefer a relaxed, comfortable wedding with an intimate, personal atmosphere. Not to say you can’t achieve this with a larger wedding, it just will be more difficult! That’s why we here at When Freddie met Lilly want to share some unique small intimate wedding ideas with you below, for a wedding that can be memorable for the rest of your life.

Small guest list for your intimate wedding

  • You may have to cut your guest list to create an intimate atmosphere. With a small group, you and your bride/groom can spend more time with your guests, and everyone really get to know one another.
  • If you choose to limit your guest list, you may conquer negative reactions or hurt feelings. Some friends may feel left out or upset that you don’t include them, and family may be disappointed they cannot invite their chosen friends or relatives. Explain that it wasn’t your intention to offend them and that you value and appreciate them, but only have space for so many people!
  • Build the guest list from your “must have” people (close family members) and those you would “like to invite” (best friends and close co-workers), not the “should have” people (you don’t really want there!) It’s better to include friends, because if you limit it to family only, where do you draw the line…

Small venue for your intimate wedding

  • Forget a large wedding venue like the standard church and banquet hall for the reception. Furthermore, commercial venues might not agree to host receptions with fewer than 120 people. Better venues for smaller weddings would be your favourite unique restaurant, a wedding chapel, bed-and-breakfast, on a wine farm or in a cellar, a historic museum or home, on a train or boat, rustic ranch, in a cozy cabin, posh private club, a setting outside with exquisite views, or with a park or garden.
  • Some of the places might not advertise that they’re available for such weddings…the only way to know is to find out!
  • You may decide to have an intimate wedding at your own or a relative/friend’s home. Just remember it doesn’t necessarily work out cheaper, as you may need to rent chairs, tables, dinnerware, etc. needed.


  • If the reception is in a historic home or other interesting venue, have a tour guide to show the guests around.
  • Have it at a luxurious inn, providing loaded gift baskets, or limousine service.
  • With a smaller guest list, serve a family style meal. Offer less choices and only your favourite
  • Have your meal catered (even if it’s well within your ability to do it yourselves).
  • Instead of having a typical reception, have a simple/lavish “wedding supper” at a restaurant. Some print a special menu just for you and serve food in stations, like a meat, fruit/veggie and pasta station..
  • Instead of cake and punch for a 100, have a six-course feast for 50, and a wine-pairing with each course.
  • Think boxes of chocolate instead of a single truffle, champagne rather than sparkling wine, and luxurious arrangements of roses with rare orchids everywhere!

 Attention to detail

  • An intimate wedding is unique and a romantic alternative for something a little more low-key. But, these charming weddings do not relinquish the personal/pretty details in the wedding elements. No matter how small the wedding, every mistake is noticed, therefore apply meticulous attention to these small designer details! Add your special touch to all the wedding elements, and make them tie every part of the celebration together beautifully..
  • Today, have a look at our Cary gown dress, if you’re a Boho..or a romantic and loves lace or vintage!
  • Also check out our Dakota gowns here at When Freddie met Lilly – made with laces, soft silks and lovely embellishments.

With proper planning, you can include, in your small intimate wedding, anything you would have used in a larger wedding – plus you’ll have more time to spend with the ones that matter most! With your focus on the vows and the union, you won’t get side-tracked and overwhelmed with things that are mostly superficial and not what the day is about. Simplifying – without an overload of ideas, a lot of fuss, or stress – you’ll enjoy a lovely intimate celebration!

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