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Slimline Wedding Dresses: The Best Selection at WFML

slimline wedding dresses wfml pip gownIf you’re looking for the perfect selection of slimline wedding dresses, WFML has what you need. Our Brisbane shop has everything a modern bride needs to look sleek and elegant on her wedding day.

What makes us different

Sure, you can go to any bridal shop and choose a dress; but at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane you will get the red-carpet treatment from the moment you step through our door. Our exemplary customer service considers it an honour to serve you and help you make your special day as perfect as it can be. We are continually creating new dresses to keep up with the latest trends and fashions. We treat you with the respect and dignity all brides deserve.

At When Freddie met Lilly, we understand that your wedding dress is not the only detail you need to plan for. There are caterers and DJ’s to book, seating plans to create, honeymoon arrangements to be made, and the list goes on. While your wedding dress is one of the most important details, we won’t waste your time by showing you slimline wedding dresses that don’t suit you or doesn’t fit your budget.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect gown, we will also help your wedding party choose the perfect dress and design to complement it. Our vast selection of bridesmaids and formal dresses are meant to match any style wedding gown.

A Selection of Slimline Wedding Dresses from When Freddie met Lilly

Pip Gown
Our Pip Gown is one of the newest gowns in our collection, and is perfect for the modern bride. The edgy, ‘V’ bodice and slimline cut fishtail skirt create a sleek and elegant look. This 100% silk gown features a cowl on the back and is embellished along the neckline and the back bodice. This is the perfect way to enhance any body type and makes for a spectacular look.

Jager Gown
Our Jager gown is another spectacular piece that will complement any modern bride. Featuring soft lace from head to toe, this gown is both elegant and romantic. The sleeveless V-neck design offers scollop edging along the neckline and train, with a plunging back to create a stunning effect.

Cheri Gown
This stunning gown features soft, delicate lace and sleeveless elegance. The bodice features Aztec-inspired embellishment and makes the perfect addition to a modern bride’s special day.

When you let When Freddie met Lilly help you choose the perfect wedding gown, you can be assured that your dress will be the perfect fit for you, and not just physically. We make sure it matches your personality, style and wedding theme. Whether you’re looking for slimline wedding dresses or more traditional styles, you’ll be amazed at our vast selection.

Our staff will work with you to make sure you get everything you want, and nothing you don’t. From initial offerings to alterations to the final fitting, you can feel confident that you’re going to look amazing on your special day, and your soon-to-be spouse will fall in love with you all over again when he sees you walking down the aisle. There is nothing as special as a wedding, so make yours count!

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