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Short Bridesmaid Dresses

short bridesmaid dresses when freddie met lillyEvery wedding is different. Some brides choose to go with a traditional route of long bridesmaids dresses while some prefer to go with short bridesmaid dresses instead. There is no right or wrong when it comes to dressing your wedding party. That is where we at When Freddy met Lilly come in. Being one of Brisbane’s designers of wedding attire, we carry both long and short bridesmaid dresses. However, if you are a bride who wants to go with the short dresses this is the article for you.

What are the Most Popular Short Bridesmaid Dresses?

The thing about bridesmaid dresses is that they come in several different styles and colours. That way, no matter what the theme of your wedding is you can always find a short bridesmaids dress that goes along with it. However, if you are interested in our most popular short bridesmaid dresses at When Freddy met Lilly here are two. Willow Maxi Cocktail, this dress is one that not only you will love, but one that your bridesmaids won’t complain about as well. The Willow Maxi Cocktail is full of details from its backless design to its fringe and stone necktie. The second most popular short bridesmaid dress is the divine Bow Cocktail dress. This dress is for those brides who like to keep on the simple side of things. It features a hand-embellished bow so that it is simple yet elegant.

Can Short Bridesmaid Dresses be Customized?

This is one of the best things brides love about our shop at When Freddy met Lilly. All dresses whether they are short or long can all be fully customized. This means if you like a dress but want it changed up in certain ways it can be. Everything down to the colour, details, size, and more can be customized to your liking. That way you are completely satisfied and your wedding will be everything you have dreamed of.

What Season are Short Dresses for?

The answer for this question is simple, any season. Just because a dress is short doesn’t mean it can’t be worn any time of year. Of course, they are great for summer, but they also look good in spring and autumn, and if you are hosting an indoor wedding, they are even great for the wintertime as well. Therefore, if you find a short dress that you are in love with, don’t let the season stop you from going with it! Remember, if you feel your bridesmaids might catch a chill if you choose to go with a short dress, you can always style it up with some accessories such as a cover up to keep them a little warmer.

Hopefully this article helps you make the decision on if you want a short bridesmaid dress or not. However, if you still want to look at our line of short bridesmaid’s dresses, feel free to visit When Freddy met Lilly today, and remember everything can be customized for you!

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