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Sexy Neckholder Wedding Dress

neckholder wedding dress when freddie met lillyThe neckline is one of the sexiest parts on the female. This is according to the men in their lives. Therefore, you can understand why you should go with a sexy neckholder wedding dress. Brisbane’s designer When Freddie met Lilly offers a variety of dresses with this neckline option for you.

Choker Style Neckholder Wedding Dress

When it comes to neckholder dresses you need to wear one that you are going to be comfortable in. This, after all, is going to be the dress you wear on your big day. Therefore, before you choose which dress you want to go with, try on different styles.

A popular option when it comes to When Freddie met Lilly dresses is the Briella Bridal Gown. This gown features a full neck holder that resembles a choker yet is not tight. In addition to this feature, the dress also has hand cut lace to give the dress a romantic feel, it is made of mesh, lace, and soft baby tulle, therefore, it won’t be too heavy to wear all night.

Collarbone Neckholder

This style is more for those who can’t stand something wrapped around their throats, yet still want a dress that pulls attention to the neck. When Freddie met Lilly offers a gown called the Saxon Bridal Gown. This dress is a head turner for several reasons. Featuring leather and sequins with this hand embellished dress you can’t go wrong. It also has a mesh underlay to expose just enough skin to make it the right amount of sexy and beautiful. If you like skirt splits this is the dress for you as it also has a split up the back with hand cut pieces over the entire area.

Picking Out a Dress for You

Your wedding dress needs to be a dress you love. This means, the way it fits, the way it looks, and the way it feels on you. After all, this is a dress you are spending one of the biggest days of your life in. You will have photographs to look back on for years to come. Therefore, before you are 100 percent set on a dress, stop by and see our professionals and our large selection of neckholder wedding dresses.

Colours to Match Your Skin Tone

These neckholder dresses come in several different colours. To look your best in your wedding gown, you need to make sure you go with a colour that matches your skin tone well. You can’t find what dress looks best on you by trying them on, however, the best way to save time is by asking a consultant for their opinion. Brisbane’s designers can help you find which dress is your dream dress.

Here at When Freddie met Lilly we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best there is for dressing your wedding party. If you want to feel like a princess, and look like one too, stop in today for your dress fitting and shop our large selection.

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