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sexy backless wedding gown from WFML

Sexy Backless Wedding Gown from WFML

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Therefore, you want everything to be just right. Even your wedding dress. Of course, your dress is something you have always dreamed of as a little girl, but your style has most likely changed over the years, and maybe it is time to explore some options. That is where When Freddie met Lilly comes in. We want to offer you a long line of designs to help you look the best on your big day. In this post, we will bring you the top 3 backless wedding gowns. Why backless you ask? Because you will look gorgeous in a backless wedding gown and your soon to be husband will be memorized.

3. Margharette Gown

If you are looking for stunning, this is it. The gown screams French elegance. It was one of Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly’s most popular gowns. With its fit and flare style, it looks amazing on any bride. It features hand beading around the back of the dress which is a backless wedding gown until you reach the lower back. It also has a lavish long train to accent the elegance even more so.

 2. Saphira Backless Wedding Gown

When it comes to picking out your dress you want to go with something you can feel comfortable in. Silk makes you feel like you are wearing nothing, and with a back like the one on the Saphira Gown, it is even truer. This gown is 100 percent silk and features a deep back. If you are looking for a more modern dress, this is the one for you. It has very little details so that you can have a clean look, or spruce it up with a belt or shawl. However, it does have embellishments along the V-neckline to draw more attention to that area.

1. Venice Gown with Hand Cut Lace Flowers

It doesn’t get much more stunning than this. If you want a dress to make you feel like the princess, you are then this is it. The Vince Gown not only features a deep backless V but it is also V cut in the front as well. Each of these dresses is one of a kind due to the lace flowers being hand cut. It also features a flowing train that really makes the dress along with a fitted waist and flaring after the hips. As with all dresses offered at When Freddie met Lilly, it will be customized to you in size.

This is just a start to the several dresses we offer online and in our store. However, keep in mind if you are close enough to come to the Brisbane location we make sure you get measured and fitted correctly.

Here at When Freddie met Lilly, we want you to have the dress you have always dreamed of. We customize all dresses according to the bride. Therefore, if you find something you like, we can turn it into something you love. Stop by our Brisbane location today to start your dream wedding gown shopping!

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