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Choose a romantic red wedding theme

Red is the colour radiating power, passion, love and romance. It’s hot, but also sophisticated, and classy. For a romantic red wedding theme, what immediately jumps to mind are romantic red rosepetals, scattered everywhere. You walk down the aisle on these ‘petal carpets,’ or over a heart of roses. And then there’s the red heart-shaped balloons! A “wild flower” table decoration, or roses for the centrepiece, attract the attention.

You can decorate you altar in a beautiful arch, draped in red velvet, which gives a regal look for that lovely bright fresh winters day. And there’s nothing wrong with that plain blackforest cake with red cherries, or strawberries with ice cream for dessert. (Even having to wipe your mouth with bright red napkins!)

Your accessories and decor being in red is one thing. If you’re a modern bride, this is your opportunity to show off in a bright red wedding dress! We have a lot of dresses here, at When Freddie Met Lilly, that can be customized in red. In some countries/religions red is even the traditional wedding gown colour. In Turkey, when the ladies gather on the occasion the night before the wedding day, the bride will dress in a red or purple dress. And a red veil is placed on her head. They sing songs, some of them sad as the girl is leaving her parent’s home, but then it livens up with the ladies dancing, singing, feasting and having a wonderful time.

In India the bridal dress is usually in a red, pink, purple, wine, and maroon colour palette. This is not because the Indians love blood or strawberries, but because of the religion. In the Hindu culture red is considered an auspicious colour. Red wedding saris are the traditional garment of choice.

But maybe you still prefer a conventional, pure white dress with either a red flowery bouquet or red belt. And your bridesmaids could wear burgundy or maroon red with white rose bouquets. For your bridesmaids you could also choose the lovely Xanadu Maxi in Chiffon with Split, from our Aphrodite Collection, which already comes in the brightest of reds!

Romantic, Red Wedding Dresses

For a romantic red wedding theme, you surely need a very romantic wedding garment!

If you want to add a modern, bohemian touch to your romantic wedding, go for the Dakota collection here at When Freddie met Lilly, which is our latest collection for the bohemian bride. It’s an elegant yet modern range of gowns using Italian & French laces, hand embellishments and soft silks.

An example is our Dakota Gown which is a stand out bridal piece. There is hand cut lace placed over the entire gown, and the smallest details and floaty sleeves are finishing touches.

Also have a look at our Valentina collection here at When Freddie met Lilly, in which a bohemian style and sense is created with the fine French laces and floaty skirts, and with the most gracious fall and drape.

Red is for Love. For the real romantics of heart, our Indianna gowns feature a delicate touch of femininity underneath a veil of love. Choose a gown from this collection if you want a sense of modern style mixed with classic bridalwear. Beautiful silhouettes hug the body with the most gorgeous of laces in their intricate, bold and eye catching details. Wear our Chanel Gown with the Marsala Crown There’s nothing more romantic than a red tiara with lots of fine red flowers. Alternatively try our Dani Gown with the designer Abbey headdress.

A Read Touch Everywhere

Once you have your garment for your red wedding theme, put your red shoes on to add a bit of “red” final touch, and at the same time some rose-red lipstick – a matte romantic bright red, deep dark or burgundy (as it’s all in the tone!) And with your nails painted the same colour and not much more, you can’t go wrong with that ultra-classy appearance for your special day!

Now get that invites out in a simple off-white background with dark red print in a trendy font!

Last but not least…OK a red suit might be too much… why not let your man wear a red tie, pocket square or even red socks with which he can also show he’s got style, and is a romantic too! Imagine the two of you driving away with your scarlet red Porsche stating “Just Married!”…

Nevertheless, of all the countless options you should be careful not to overdo it. A few really cool and unique red accents to stand out are better than too much. Even just a touch of red makes a stylish statement.

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