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Rock Your Star Wars Wedding

star wars wedding when freddie met lillyStar Wars has always been a big hit. However, with the new movie releasing it has really begun to spark popularity again. However, did you know that many people have considered and even had a Star Wars themed wedding. It really is easier than you may think. After all, the girls always wear dresses, and you know the main lead male wear dress clothes. How hard is that to pull off, well guess what? Here at When Freddy met Lilly, we are a top Brisbane designer and we are bringing you the ultimate Star Wars wedding attire.

Star Wars Gown

As you may know Princess Leia is known for her long sleeved white dress. Well, When Freddy met Lilly has a ton of dresses that fit the Princess Leia long, flowing, sleeved gown. One dress offered is the Jacqueline Gown. This is a simple long sleeve gown that resembles the princess gown. However, this gown is much more beautiful, the sleeves are lace and the back is open to give you a Star Wars mixed with elegance feel.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Once again sticking to theme your bridesmaid’s dresses need to be covered as well. This should offer a nice silhouette. Being a Brisbane designer, When Freddy met Lilly has the dresses for them as well. One of the main dresses that fit this style is the Milla Maxi. This maxi is soft, it is sleek, and it offers just enough shine to make your bridesmaids mysterious. One of the best things about the Milla Maxi is that it is extremely versatile. They can be styled and tied in several different ways, so that even if all your bridesmaids wear this dress, they can be the same yet equally different at the same time.

Custom Dresses to Meet Your Style

The best thing about When Freddy met Lilly compared to any other Brisbane designer is that any dress can be customized to your liking. Whether it be colour, size, details, or design, it can be customized to fit your overall wedding style. When you visit our location you will learn that you can make a dress that you have dreamed of your entire life.

What The Men Should Wear

Keeping it simple is the best option when it comes to dressing the men in your Star Wars themed wedding. Although Luke Skywalker wears several different outfits, one of his main ones is completely white. Therefore, you could dress your groom in white and your groomsmen in black. Or if your groom likes the dark side more, grooms always look classic in black, this could make him feel as if he is Darth Vader.

At our location in Brisbane, When Freddy met Lilly, brings you everything imaginable for your Star Wars wedding. From your dress, to the bridesmaid dresses, and even the accessories to pull of the look. If you need it When Freddy met Lilly can help you get it! You’ll be glad you shopped with us.

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