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How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Neckline

wedding dress neckline phonex wedding gown wfmlFinding the perfect wedding dress is something little girls dream of as soon as they are old enough to know that there is a Mr. Right on the horizon. What many brides-to-be don’t think about is what type of wedding dress neckline they should choose. The trick to finding the right neckline on your wedding dress is to know your body shape and what will flatter you the most. At When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane, we know how important it is for the bride to look her most elegant on your wedding day, so we have an array of dresses with flattering necklines to meet your needs. With that being said, read on below for a few tips on how to choose the right neckline for your wedding dress.

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress Necklines

Just as the name says, this neckline sits off the shoulders and highlights the graceful curve of the neck and shoulders of the bride. If you have a full chest or are pear shaped, then this may be the dress for you.

However, if you have broad shoulders or full arms, you may want to consider other options. For other options, When Freddie met Lilly has the perfect neckline in their Saxon Bridal Gown with a mesh underlay and high neckline, it will certainly steal the show.

Strapless Wedding Gowns

The strapless neckline is one that is very popular with our busty brides. It’s elegant with just the right amount of charm. If you have a great collarbone and shoulders, then the Phonex Strapless Gown from When Freddie met Lilly with its Phoneix lace and strapless wedding dress neckline is the perfect choice for you. If you are small busted, however, you should consider the wide array of other options we offer.

Jewel Wedding Gowns

The jewel neckline on a wedding gown is also known as the t-shirt neckline. The neckline of the dress will be round and sit snugly at the base of your throat. If you are small busted, then this type of neckline will look amazing on you. However, if you large chested, the neckline will make you look larger, and you might want to avoid it.

How to Choose?

Choosing a neckline on your wedding gown can be quite a challenge if you don’t know your body type. You can look through magazines, talk to your friends, and try to find the right choice for you. You can also go by our boutique When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane and let friendly professionals like us help you figure out your body type and the best gown for you with the proper neckline. You want your dress to flatter you, but not take away from the gorgeous bride that you are, the right neckline will help you succeed at that.

When it comes to helping women find the perfect wedding dress, we at When Freddie met Lilly love to help. Stop by our shop and let us help you find the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

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