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Quirky sexy Love Photoshoot

Quirky, Sexy Love Shoot with Wolf and Wildflower Photography

WFML is always honoured to be a part of styled shoots, especially with such an amazing team of vendors involved. This quriky, sexy, love shoot featured our Rikki Gown and our Sarita Gown. We chatted to Rebecca of WOLFPACK AND CO to find out a little bit more about the shoot and the answer to our ever-burning question, who got to eat that delicious spread of food?!

quirky, sexy, love shootWhat was the inspiration behind the shoot?
Emmah (1969 Floristry) and I have been working together recently on a couple of different styled shoots and I had been scrolling instagram, as we all do, and found a picture that someone had posted of a white double square arbour with some peach and plum florals. From there I showed Emmah, and suddenly it created an explosion of ideas, and luckily, Emmah and I seem to be on the same thought path, as we knew it had to be moody, and have a lot of black and pink in there as well. We also knew that the brides dress couldn’t just be your every day wedding dress, it had to be unique and different. Hence why went for a black wedding dress.

How did you scout your location / Models?
We always just place an ad via the man bridal facebook group pages. There is usually a lot of lovely fiancé’s willing to dob their guys into doing the shoot. Plus, it’s practice for the big day! But it’s definitely one of the hardest parts of these shoots. A lot of the time, the first time we meet the couple in the shoot, is at the shoot. So it’s all nerves at the beginning.

quirky, sexy, love shootHow do you find it working with real-life couples?
Real couples are the best, and if I extend on that further, I’d say real couples, that are engaged or at least been together for a while are amazing. Their chemistry is natural and you can feel the love during the shoots. We don’t really pose our couples during the styled shoots, but just give them prompts, for example, “in your sexiest voice, tell us what you had for breakfast”. It usually gives everyone a bit of a laugh and the feelings seem far more real then, “say cheese”.

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding specific to finding a photographer / engaging with their photographer?
Make sure you’ve done your search, checked their portfolio and are certain that you’re happy with their work. I know budgets will be one factors that will depict which vendor you go with, but if you can spend a little more for the vendor you’re after, then go for it, as those memories are forever. Even when we got married 8 years ago at 21, a photographer was one of the vendors I was willing to spend the money on to find the right one, as I wanted to make sure that our photos would be everything we had hoped for.

quirky, sexy, love shootWho got to eat the food after?
Haha, well definitely not me! Sadly on a strict diet from my doctor, but some went back with Fennel and Co, and then there were several plates left over for everyone to have a nibble from. Our 3 year old definitely ate some thats for sure.


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