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Plus-Size Bride: Tips for Finding the Perfect Gown

Wedding gown shopping is something girls dream of from the first day they find out what a wedding is. It’s all about finding your dream dress and loving it. More often than they should, plus size brides get nervous when it comes to picking out their wedding gown. However, gone away are the times of body shaming. Now it is time to love your skin and love your plus-size bride self!

Call Ahead

Anytime you are looking for a service you should call in ahead of time. This is even more important when it comes to wedding gown shopping. Small stores often only carry an average size in their gowns. This means plus-sized brides, as well as smaller brides, have trouble finding a gown they love. However, by calling your gown shop such as When Freddie met Lilly ahead of time and letting them know your size and possible style, they can have a few ready for you to try on.

Step Outside the Box Store

As plus-size bride you don’t have to feel like you have to stick to the box stores. You should never give up on your favourite designer. Many famous designers such as Brisbane designer When Freddie met Lilly offers several plus sizes even if they don’t have a plus size category, they just don’t want to single anyone out. Take the Lolita Gown for example, with its flowing waist, it works perfectly for brides who want to try to conceal some of their body. It has several beautiful features such as the hand cut lace that trims the neckline and sleeves. It also features a button up back, making it easier to put on.

Plus-Size Bride

The term plus-size is changing every day. Therefore, you have to know which one of your features you think makes you plus size. Find what you want to conceal the most and find what you want to show off. Sometimes the bust is what makes you feel plus sized. However, that is nothing to be ashamed of, you just have to find the right gown to accent it. Such as the Rachel Gown with Selene Skirt. This bodice offers a deep V cut and is made of raw silk to make you feel like a princess. It features hand beading to add elegance with layers and layers of baby tulle. Find the dress that makes you feel good about yourself and don’t worry about putting plus size labels on everything.

If you are worried about finding your dream wedding gown, don’t. When Freddie met Lilly is here to help you. Call us and make an appointment. We will do everything we can help you find the gown you desire. One of the great things about going to When Freddie met Lilly is that every dress is finished to custom fit the bride. Therefore, if you can’t find something you love, we can help you create it. Call us today to get started!

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