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Planning a Roaring Twenties Themed Wedding

roaring twenties themed wedding wfml nyree wedding gownIf you love history, jazz, and your favourite book is The Great Gatsby, a roaring twenties themed wedding could be the perfect way to celebrate your union! This is definitely an original theme, and there are many ways to play with this theme to plan an amazing wedding. At When Freddie met Lilly we realize how much your wedding means to you and have a wide range of dresses and accessories to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Set The Mood

You need to decorate your wedding venue to make people feel like they walked straight back into the 1920s. Finding some chairs and tables that evoke the 1920s might be difficult, but you can have some art deco patterns painted on the walls and use these same designs on your invitations, menus and place cards. Rent a classic car to arrive in style! Finding a car from the 1920s might be difficult, but you can still make an impression with a classic Cadillac or classic Rolls Royce. Imagine the sighs of awe when you step out of one of these cars in a vintage Nyree Gown from When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane. From the soft baby tulle skirt to the rounded bodice, you will look every bit the vintage bride at your roaring-twenties themed wedding.

Have A Prohibition-Inspired Open Bar

Prohibition definitely had an influence on society and culture during the 1920s. You can serve well-known cocktails from the Prohibition-era, like Tom Collins, French 75 or Mint Juleps.

Dress The Part for Roaring Twenties Themed Wedding

You can have a lot of fun with Jazz Age fashion. The 1920s was actually when Western fashion entered the modern era, and you can see signs of this with women starting to wear more comfortable clothes and adopting shorter hairstyles. Hats and headbands are staples of 1920s fashion, and you should hand them out as party favours so that your guests look the part as soon as they arrive! Formal men’s fashion included suit jackets, three-piece suits, double-breasted vests and shirts with detachable collars.

Get Everyone Dancing

The 1920s are known as the Jazz Age since this form of music became widely popular. Playing some music from the 1920s might not get everyone dancing, but you can find a lot of great classics in the jazz and swing genre that will get your guests dancing if you look at music from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Having a live band would be ideal, especially if you want to play some swing music. Rocking the dance floor in your Clarissa Gown with its lacy bodice and rose gold undertones will have you the belle of the ball indeed.

Have Some Fun with This Theme

Planning a roaring twenties themed wedding should be fun. Do not get too focused on small details or on historical accuracy and use the 1920s as a source of inspiration instead. There are many different ways to plan a 1920s-inspired wedding, and you can choose to focus on a specific theme that people would associate with the 1920s, such as Prohibition, jazz or let your favourite book or movie set in the 1920s be your source of inspiration.

These are only a few ideas to help you plan your wedding. Try finding photographs and ideas shared by couples who chose a similar theme for their wedding. Put together an idea board or start a planning journal to write down some things you like. Get some help from your friends and family and think about hiring a wedding planner if you are not sure how to plan the perfect roaring twenties themed wedding. For all of your wedding gown needs, don’t forget to visit us at When Freddie met Lilly in Brisbane today as well!

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