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How to organize the ultimate 90’s wedding

If you decided on a 90’s wedding theme, keep the following tips in consideration.

Your Décor

Use bright and neon-inspired colours, maybe with a pop of simmer.

Even the Spice Girls would want to clink glasses at your wedding if they were toasting in bright and glitter-encrusted stem wine glasses!

Make use of 90’s inspired ideas. The quickest way to set a 90’s tone is to lay neon tablecloths across the tables. Rewind it back before iTunes and even CDs, with a playful light centrepiece – made from cassette tapes, or use cassettes as escort cards. How about using 16mm film somewhere! Make table numbers feature sayings from the decade, and think about a tie-dye rainbow-coloured ring-bearer pillow.

In the 90’s, butterfly hair clips were very popular. Bring the trend to your wedding cake with edible butterflies!

Glowing décor makes a 90’s wedding complete. Scatter glow sticks around the table top or pile them up in clear vases to create an illuminating display. Fibre optic light features (once high tech, today high fun) will look great displayed on table tops throughout the reception area.

Incorporate bright-coloured confetti balloons. Or have your guests throw earth-friendly plantable confetti hearts full of flower seeds. They’ll continue to grow long after the wedding, just like your love!

Your Playlist

HOnestly, this is the best part: You have to play 90’s themed music, like songs from The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Also put up an original Nintendo-setup for guests to play themselves.

The Photos

Have light ethereal photos taken of you the day you get married. Also have a photographer walk around from table to table and take photos of the guests with a disposable camera. It’s a wonderful novelty that will take the whole party back to the days before Instagram. Plus, who even prints photos anymore?

Your dress for your 90’s wedding

The 90’s was a beautiful time when hair was decorated with plastic butterflies and body glitter was part of a girl’s daily beauty routine.

There’s something special about the 1990’s wedding dresses, and even if some look outdated, another will make you look like one of the gorgeous actresses who wore them in a 90’s movie! Admit it, you still shed a tear when you re-watch your old copy of The Wedding Singer for the hundredth time! In this movie, Julia’s short-sleeved gown, complete with flowered headpiece, takes the cake. In Father of the Bride, the lacy long-sleeves and sweetheart neckline, makes Annie stand out. And in Romeo + Juliet, Juliet’s simple dress looks like a pretty shrunken vest, which she could have worn after the wedding.

In Notting Hill, Anna’s subtle silver coloured gown (with incredible back detail) is a great option for those who find white too stark. She wears it with a conservative silk shawl (her hair in a simple hairclip and bun combination). In Sense and Sensibility, Marianne wears an ivory and gold gown, topped with a striking veil. And in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Carrie selects this frothy tulle confection-of- a-dress, whereas Maggie’s illusion dress in Runaway Bride has a timeless quality.

If you decide to go for our famous individualized dress designs here at When Freddie met Lilly, you can also reach the timeless beauty of the 90’s wedding look.

From going with your theme, to making sure your music is on point,   to coordinating clothes… remember, your wedding is to have FUN and to Celebrate! All you need to do is follow the heart and soul of a 90’s actress. Smile a lot, and the wedding will fall in place!

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