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Off-beat Bride: Gorgeous Looks for a Unique Wedding

UYou fancy yourself an individual…we all actually do, because no one has been shaped by the same life events. So at least we consider ourselves to be as unique as can be! Like everyone else, you want your wedding also to be unique and special. Maybe neither one of you two want to go through the motions of what people think a wedding has to be if at the end of it all, it doesn’t mean a single thing to you! You can just not imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a traditional white wedding dress? Don’t worry, we here at When Freddie met Lilly can help you with your off-beat bride non-traditional, unique outfit!

Nothing wrong with showing your uniqueness off in your wedding day attire. Many brides today do this! They’re bending the rules by wearing trousers, bridal suits, coloured gowns, a patterned or printed dress, bridal romper, sneakers, or coloured wedding hair in all colours of the rainbow! Becoming an off-beat bride does not imply that you have to forgo being bridal, nevertheless it permits you to break certain guidelines with some great alternative wedding ideas, and show your own style taste…

Off-beat Bridal Theme

No wedding really needs a theme. We here at When Freddie met lilly work around small and huge weddings… Our designs can adapt to all kinds of weird weddings, even with nerdy pop culture, video games, or sci-fi themes.. You may choose a fandom like Star Trek, Superheroes, Nintendo & 8-bit weddings, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Zombies, The Princess Bride..

Vintage and retro weddings are lovely of course, but some of you want to go even further back in history, and think of a historical wedding, a Medieval or Renaissance theme, a Viking one, or going Victorian…with lots of top hats, corsets, or even wings!

You want a retro Rock a roll wedding.. a steampunk or heavy metal theme. Maybe you’re two musicians getting married and are looking for a concert wedding venue!

Sometimes your unique wedding venue sets your theme for you. Like an art gallery, your home or backyard, a farm, beach, boat, a carnival, courthouse, forest, garden, a mountain, park, or zoo.

How about a spooky, or darker-themed wedding? Having a black wedding dress, a Goth or horror wedding.. getting married on a haunted venue…or in a cemetery…with skulls!

Religion isn’t really a wedding theme, but there’s even weddings that focus on their beliefs, such as being Atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, Pagan, Mormon, Muslim, Secular or Christian..

But what about YOUR theme? You want a gorgeous yellow-hued wedding…with your own type of music…your own particular vows? How about a 1920’s vintage wedding? Or a rainbow wedding? A lesbian wedding? A plus size, or a brides-in-glasses wedding? Any plain wedding for that matter can be made unique. For example a barn wedding decorated in a lovely monochromatic colour scheme.

Gorgeous  Bohemian Looks for the Off-beat Bride

How about a unique bohemian wedding for your unique bohemian spirit?

Of course we here at When Freddie met Lilly have our own favorite looks for the off-beat bride, and we specialize in gorgeous Bohemian and Vintage style dresses, as well as cutting-edge separates in our Drew Collection, and @- ollection. Maybe you already have some off-beat lacy, flowery and vintage-inspired wedding ideas. Our Dakota Collection, Valentina Collection and &-Collection are perfect, if you’re looking for lace, flowy sleeves, a flower crown, flowing hair, and wildflowers!

We here at When Freddie met Lilly also have some fascinating ideas and interesting ways of pulling off the bridal separates fashion trend. Don’t forget to look amongst our Drew Collection and &-collection for these type of gowns!

Another of our favorite nature-inspired wedding themes, is the rustic wedding. Besides lots of boho wedding ideas, you could add some extra special rustic-inspired details to the lacy flowery looks.

The sweet lace of our off-white Bohemian Emily bodice worn with a floaty skirt is reminiscent of a romantic time. And the floaty sleeves will make you feel super pretty! With your lace dress, natural flower crown (like our Buttercup Flower Crown or Marsala Crown) and bohemian-styled hair, together with his fashionable brown vest and amazing shoes, you and him are a dreamy couple – a pair just oozing the bohemian style!

Off-beat Rustic Boho Décor

With an amazing, bohemian-inspired reception and beautiful rustic tent décor…with the wild flowers, your awesome ink, fabric backdrop, a boho-chic “sitting area” with fabulous fairy-lights…and a gorgeous rustic cake table display, the whole wedding is like a colourful boho dream  – one unique and stylish wedding party! Dreaminess everywhere…

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